TRX baby!

Well I used the TRX today and I thought I would post about it because it is FREAKIN AMAZING!!

Alright! So who here has used one? (Doesn’t see any raised hands) This piece of equipment is my new favourite piece of equipment, oh don’t worry I love weights but this little yellow and black strap looking item works it like you’ve never experienced your muscles worked before! It’s basically like rings for gymnastics, but with some body part on the floor to stabilize, increase or decrease the difficulty of the exercise.

You can work any muscle group with the TRX, abs, chest, legs, biceps, triceps, lats, it’s awesome. Have I mentioned that yet? Okay more about why it’s awesome.

It can be used at home, you can buy the anchor for it to attach to your ceiling or your door.

It is excellent for beginners and also for elite athletes.

If you wanted to get more bang for your buck in terms of working as many muscles as you can at once, this is your guy! Because you are essentially “hanging” you have to use other muscles other than the primary users to stabilize your body, this is also a huge part for your core which means you get a better core work out!

You adjust how difficult the exercise is, the more standing you are (depending on the exercise) the easier it is, the more parallel to the floor you are, the more difficult an exercise becomes. However some things like squats aren’t very adjustable (I could be mistaken but this is my experience..). It is essential that you trust the TRX, if you have it set up properly you need to trust that you aren’t going to fall flat on your face on the floor (just make sure the exercise isn’t too difficult for you), work with gravity and you will defo be sore!

Here’s a neat article on the Globe and Mail on TRX

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the TRX website, you can buy instructional DVD’s, don’t use the TRX without first having an instructional DVD or an experienced person with you to show you how to use it. Proper setup is essential to safety. Use it at the gym first before using it at home. They run at $189.00 US, I am thinking of buying one for myself because heck! Take it to the playground on the weekend, *happy dance* ahhhh yeahh!!

I think I’m going to do more workouts with the TRX, I haven’t lifted weights in a while and I feel like this is a good gradual to getting back into the swing of things being preggo. It’s friendly and I don’t need a whole lot of space, just my corner near the pull up rack in the gym, with a swiss ball and as skipping rope. =D Happiness!



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