Bosu balls rule

I was preparing for my Core class at lunch time today and I had to think of something that was different from just planks and boring stuff. Last week I did a swiss ball workout and it turned out really well so this week I went with the bosu ball! It challenged my imagination and I had some help from youtube. So I thought for this post, I would talk about the benefits of incorporating bosu ball training into your training regime!

Most people know what a swiss ball is. To me the swiss ball is a more advanced tool after the bosu ball, the bosu ball is great for beginners to challenge their balance. You can do any exercise oh the bosu ball, some have to be modified but it is a great challenge for your core.

The black side is used more for balance, it acts like a wobble board, you can build up to this black side by using the blue side. The blue side has more stability but is still wobbly, it is made of plastic and air so it is somewhat bouncy. I usually always get beginners to use the blue side, it’s more friendly, they feel like they can do the exercise without getting too discouraged. If you’ve been working out for a while and want a challenge, the black side it is! It’s a great way to do squats, get a partner and throw a medicine ball at each other while doing squats, fun!! You can do split squats with your foot on the black side, or off the black side,  you can do pushups on the black side, do pushups off the black side. You can do a plank on either side, mountain climbers on the back side.

This is the workout I put my class through today

Pushups off the bosu ball (knees are on the blue part) with a leg extension after the pushup.

Lunges on or off (black or blue side) for 8 reps each side.

Shoulder press with the bosu ball, advanced modification is an isometric squat while shoulder pressing. 8 reps

Bosu plank (black or blue side depending on ability or preference) 30″

Reverse straight leg crunches, lifting one leg at a time when crunching. 8 reps.

Bridge (black or blue side) with leg circles while holding the bridge to really burn the glutes. 8 reps.

1 lap around the gym.

I did this workout in a pyramid setting so this was the pyramid

 8 reps: 1 lap > 10 reps: 2 laps > 12 reps: 3 laps > 14 reps: 4 laps.

They were getting pretty toasted by the end of the class, it was awesome. There weren’t enough bosu balls so a few of them did the exact same workout with a swiss ball, dammmm I was impressed! Rock those abs!

If you try this workout let me know how ya feel! It’s always good to change it up!


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