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Workout plan during pregnancy

I am coming to the end of my 1st trimester and I’m kinda excited because I can’t wait for my belly to get bigger and for me to stop feeling so “fat” cause my belly kinda just looks like flab right now.

I’ve found it interesting that exercise is so much more important for me now than it was before I was pregnant, I find it very curious. If I don’t exercise not only do I not sleep well but I’m more tired, I’m cranky and I’m almost useless. Without the rise in my metabolism that exercise gives me, I can barely cope with life! I know a lot of women who struggle with exercising when they are pregnant because of a) neasea and b) extreme exhaustion, but exercise can help get rid of neausea and also like it did in my case make the exhaustion temporarily go away so that you’re able to function for a few very crucial hours in the day!

My routine as it stands are lifting weights 3-4x/week, I usually work on Legs abs on Monday. Tuesday it’s back and biceps, Wednesday I “rest” or do some light cardio, go for a walk. Thursday is chest and triceps, and Fridays I was swimming, but I’m kinda turned off by how disgusting our pool is, goodness knows when it was last inspected. It is supposed to be shut down in a few weeks for 6 weeks to get the lights fixed adn the deck fixed and other things as well so I am going to wait till it’s back up and running newly fixed before I swim again. In the meantime I think I am going to start doing abs and glutes or shoulders and abs on Fridays. In terms of how I am managing the intensity of the workout, I haven’t been working out intensely at all, last week I used my HR when performing squats and deadlifts so I knew where I was working at and that I wasn’t pushing it. I also don’t go under 8 reps, because that just gets too intense, I’m trying to stay in the 10-12 range, for 3 sets, sometimes if it’s easier I’ll do a 4th set but usually 3 sets is enough for me. It’s definitely hard going from performing 4-5 reps with high intensity and lots of weight to lowering it for my baby, it was a hard adjustment at first but now just to know that I’m working my muscle I’m definitely more than happy that I can at least weight lift3-4 times a week! Now it definitely not the time to get jacked.

On the weekends I haven’t really been doing much, I have to say though I think I’ve started nesting because I am definitely getting more into organizing and such, last weekend I got so much more done than I’ve done in the apartment in a month! I organized quite a few things, so I am hoping to be just as accomplished this weekend. I finding the extra moving around really helps me feel better.

I am sorry I haven’t really posted much about food lately, I haven’t really been experimenting much as of lately, it’s been pretty regular normal meals, I’ve been trying to stay away from really starchy gluten free baked goods just because I am trying to monitor my weight a little more closely. Speaking of weight, I am really going to be needing some maternity clothes soon, I only have 1 pair of jeans that fit me, and as of right now 1 skirt that fits me, I don’t own any winter dresses.. so clothing for Church is becoming scarce.

Anyone know a second hand store in halifax that would carry maternity clothes? I’m thinking more so for the pants…

K tomorrow I’ll make a real post about fitness… Crossfit anyone?

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Pregnancy woes

I am so sorry for all my blog subscribers!! Last week I had the good intention of making at least 4 posts but only managed 2 because my week was again ridiculous. My work has picked up incredibly and when I get home I’m so exhausted I’m lucky if I can sit up at the computer and manage to make my fingers type something!

My schedule looks lighter this week so I am going to try, I won’t make any promises!

Last week I started the week off feeling great, had lots of energy, so Monday and Tuesday I worked out with weights and had more energy I have had since the pregnancy started! However, Tuesday night I went to bed later than I normally do (10 instead of 8:30) and boom, from Wednesday on, it felt like two weeks in 3 days, I was so exhausted, I could barely function or do my job or anything! I came close to calling in sick but couldn’t. Even though I felt awful I still managed to get my 4 workouts in last week which i am extremely proud of!
I was hoping over the weekend I would recover somewhat except I didn’t…Saturday i got a lot done around the house, I organized quite a few things, got all my laundry done and also got a ton of much needed grocery shopping done. I felt quite accomplished, and then Sunday I could barely stay sitting up all day, it was dreadful, I didn’t want to go to bed for fear of making the lethargy worse.
I woke up this morning barely able to talk, I think I mumbled my way through getting my way to work, my brain wouldn’t function, it still is barely functioning.
I started waking up a bit, I just finished my legs and abs workouts, except my lunch never digested (due to extreme tiredness even though I’ve had lots of sleep) and I am still currently tasting my lunch. I’m not sure why I’m feeling so awful. Next week I am starting my 2nd trimester and I’m thinking this is a nice ending of the 1st trimester? Who knows.

Regarding the eating, I came to a conclusion over the weekend, not a very happy conclusion either, but it made lots of sense. When I was in highschool losing weight, I had to be SO picky about what I ate, I couldn’t eat any ANY foods in the moderately high glycemic category, so no potatoes, no sweet potatoes. I ate zero grains, no chips, no pop, no juice, anythign thing that would cause my blood sugar to spike even slightly I stayed away from only become my metabolism was SO touchy.
However, as I got older my metabolism sped up and I could afford to eat a few more things without being so worried about burning it off the evening or the morning after. I stayed the same weight for 4 months without exercising… and that was eating quite a few things that weren’t so great for me on a regular basis and eating quite a few grains (gluten free of course.)
Now that my hormones have changed and I’ve been so frustrated due to the over weight gain that I have accumulated, I’ve realized that my metabolism has switched to that very picky very touchy metabolism I used to have in high school. Doesn’t mean I should totally avoid eating grains, nor should I stop eating moderatly high glycemic foods, however, it does mean that I need to be wayyyyy more anal about what I eat, and how often I’m eating it, and what types of grains I DO eat.
I might switch to only eating quinoa like I used to, and the occasional brown rice. This is very sad for me because I like eating my corn bread, I like juice, my taste buds have adjusted to eating a certain way and now I have to change it for the better, unless i want to way 220 pounds on the day I deliver. I KNOW that there is a direct proportion to what I am eating and how much i weigh right now, now I know how hard it is for some obese people to change the way they eat. It is FREAKING HARD! More so since my hormones are skyrocketed and slightly more in control of my body. It’s almost like pms hormones for 9 months, no wonder I’ve gained how much I have!

My only solution is to for sure write down everyday that I eat so I aware of how much I am eating, and it is also a reminder to me that if I do eat “cheat foods” to not eat much of them or be aware of how much I am consuming and how often.

Monitoring is going to be key for me. If anyone has any same struggles feel free to share your feelings with me in the comment section! We can share solutions together. Two brains is always better than one! Other than that, keep up the working out! Workout weight session #2 for me today! 🙂


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Men’s only gyms? huh?

I was asked my opinion yesterday on men’s only gyms, and that why not have them because some men find women distracting when they work out.

I asked my two male coworkers today if they would attend a male only gym. The 1st one said “no! I want to look at women” the other said “Well it depends, depends on whether they have good equipment and are well priced and a convenient location.”

I think it’s a rather curious idea. I would have never thought of it personally, mainly because when guys workout, they don’t work out to get distracted, nor do they go to check women out unless they are really lame and can only find a hook up through going to the gym. Most often times women who attend gyms are not exactly dressed to be “checked out” unless of course you live in Toronto where every female who goes to the gym dresses like her boobs and ass are on runway.

I think if I asked more males about this concept they would most likely be confused and most likely answer no, mainly because a) they don’t really think about it and b) it’s nice having a mix of the sexes in a gym. I like it, I would NEVER go to an all female gym, nooo way, uncomfortable and the machine selection is pretty much zero, no heavy weights, etc etc.

I just googled this and found this amusing thread: showthread.php?t=122708011&page=1

If a guy is constantly finding himself distracted by women in the gym, uh, you might need to re-find your motivation. Most guys who work out it’s hard to get them distracted because they are focused on their workout and enjoying their swell.

I think women’s gyms are a joke, personally…. but it works for some people and I do respect that. However, if you’re really motivated to workout and you’re honestly there because you want to be healthy, and are not worried about your looks it isn’t going to matter. BUT, some women’s only gyms have daycare setups which (being a mother soon) is a SWEET set up! They had this at the YMCA in Toronto and it was the bomb!!!! However, that’s a post for another day.

I find that working with men is inspiring, and it also keeps me liable, I can’t lift 10 lb weights forever and I shouldn’t. Guys are impressed when a girl can lift heavy weights, so when I get to that day, it’ll make me feel better. Sometimes it goes in the other direction where I don’t want to go to the weight area because I’ve been injured and I can’t lift as much etc etc.

Now, in the military however, no one cares. If girls wanna work out or lift weights, uh you have no choice, there is no room to be self conscious and it honestly shouldn’t matter. The goal is the same between the sexes, and the results are the same too, if the focus and motivation are there it shouldn’t make a difference. Some people are shy, and some people like to work out on their own, there’s plenty of room to do that in a military facility which is not so easy to do at say a goodlife (which is unfortunate).

Sometimes it’s about being educated, people don’t want to work out in the testosterone zone because it seems they lift heavy and they “know” what they are doing, I say that in quotation marks because there are a tons of beefed up guys who don’t know squat (and don’t literally squat, chicken leg syndrome!). There are tons of people out there to educate and make others feel welcome in a gym, that’s part of my job description and it only makes me happy to be able to make someone else feel like they can get a good workout in the weights area because now they know what to do.

Conclusion, I think male only gyms are unnecessary.  What happens when you get to the elite athlete level, there are elite female athletes too, whatcha gonna do, get distracted? You can’t afford to at that level.

Also, women don’t need to wear skin tight clothing to the gym, yes I oftentimes wear cute lululemon tops that probably make me come across like some bitch who doesn’t know a thing about working out and only wears it to look pretty. Well, I like being able to see my arms workout, I like seeing my progress, which is why I wear tank tops like that, it’s functional and it makes me feel good, so… yeah… that’s my reason for not wearing super xxx large t-shirts when I work out. Tighter pants and shorts are functional, especially when it comes to doing agility work,  it’s not about me trying to get someone’s attention, it helps me keep focused on MY goal.

So if I look like a ditz working out, too bad, cause I’m focused on something else called GOALS.

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First off, I apologize for only posting once last week. My work schedule was RIDICULOUS, I was so busy and then came home, made food, cleaned up, barely had time to relax and it was off to bed again  (trying to get to bed earlier these days). So I am sincerely sorry! My schedule has opened up a bit so I try to be more on track!

My coworker (bless her heart!) sent me this very interesting inspirational article about this mother who was scared she would never lose her baby fat once becoming pregnant and would also never get rid of her stretch marks. I highly suggest reading the article: Inspirational Interview

The gist of the story is, is that this woman Amanda, before becoming pregnant competed in figure competitions, so she challenged herself once pregnant to maintain some fitness and also watch her eating. What I found interesting was a: she used almond oil on her skin religiously to prevent stretch marks, I might get me some of that this week! Also b: she maintained a workout regime of at least 5 times a week, 3 including weights. *Smack!* to myself because that was my goal, to NOT lose the weights and it’s the one thing that I’ve been fighting with since I’ve been pregnant.

I’ve said it to other people, that the thing I despise most about “advertising” in the fitness industry is yourself, posting your workouts, and kinda puffing up your ergo. It turns most people away and you get funny looks, unless you’re doing it humbly really. But I realized the other day I have to make myself accountable for my workouts, and so I am going to do that through my blog. I am going to post my workouts, as well as what I eat. One thing I’ve wanted to do for a while is keep a food journal, again, a lack of motivation had prevented me from doing so, but in order to really maintain and appropriate my weight for the next 2 trimesters, I think this is the key. Knowing what I eat, and making sure I am not consuming more than an extra 500 calories a day in a good caloric form.

Keeping a food journal is an experience that everyone should try out if you haven’t done so before. It brings to light how much more/not enough that you are eating and what types of foods you are eating etc. It’s a great tool really! It’ll be neat to compare my eating habits during pregnancy compared to those afterwards.

I am finding that into this pregnancy the more crucial is it for me to exercise, if i don’t exercise I don’t sleep, it’s much more relevant than it has ever been for me. Finding that right zone and maintaining my form and my knowledge in the weight room is crucial for me. If you don’t use it, you lose it! Pregnancy is definitely no excuse to stay away from the weights.

Stay tuned, if anyone has any requests for topics for me to write about, please let me know! I occasionally get writers block, more often than not. =)

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Weekend of gluten free experimenting

This weekend I was very productive in the gluten free kitchen zone which I am extremely happy about! And so is my stomach. I tried a new recipe for gluten free pancakes (which turned out okay, not amazing but okay) and also a new gluten free pizza crust recipe which was AMAZING!! I can’t even express how amazing it tastes. I had a few pieces for a snack this morning, my coworker wanted to try some cause it looked so good and he didn’t know it was gluten free! Mwahahaha. I love it when I can trick people like that, I am slowly converting the world!

It turned out brilliantly! I also made a little loaf of bread like she suggested at the bottom and it also turned out really yummy! Very fluffy and light. I am going to add a bit of sugar next time as it is a wee bit tart but other than that try it out! I highly recommend it!

Amazing fluffy gluten free pizza crust

For the toppings I used:

-Spaghetti pasta sauce

– Pizza delight pepperoni (because it doesn’t have any wheat in it)

– Red peppers

– Mushrooms

– Klamata olives sliced up

– Sundried tomato goat’s milk feta cheese

= the most yummy amazing taste in your mouth! The sundried tomato feta cheese really added to the flavour of this. Highly recommend!

To add to my experimenting, well this isn’t gluten free related but, okay this might sound sorta embarrassing but I made pan-fried steaks for the first time on Saturday night! I’ve always been wary of cooking steaks, I was never a steak girl when I was younger, but I’ve been craving it more since I’ve been pregnant, so I figured I might as well learn. They turned out really good! Next time I am going to marinate them in goodness and they will be even yummier!

I dunno what it is about mushrooms, onions and steak. GREAT combo! That’s a sweet potato in case you were wondering, I know, not the greatest presentation, but whatever, it tasted good! =D

So for my gluten free pancakes, I tried this recipe:

All recipes gluten free pancakes

No I did not intentionally make it look like an apple.

Anyways, I didn’t have enough tapioca so I couldn’t use the first main 3 ingredients. Instead I used gluten free all purpose flour, and in the end I had to add more flour because the mixture was like water! I’m not sure if that would’ve happened I had I used the rice flour, tapioca flour and potato starch. I am going to try this recipe again when I do get more tapioca flour.

I added chocolate chips because the batter was extremely bland, I don’t like adding a lot of sugar to my recipes, just because, I think next time I will add blueberries and chocolate chips. It tasted decent, not amazing, but decent.

Give it a try and let me know how it turns out! In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my pizza and hopefully inspire other gluten free peeps to try out the awesome pizza too!

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Peanut butter balls and a new recipe experiment

Last night I was having a craving for something a little sweet, yet something that was healthy. I was thinking…thinking and then came the idea to make peanut butter balls! I haven’t made them in a long time, and I used to make them with protein powder in high school but I didn’t have any protein powder. I googled a few recipes and decided to give it a try.

The ingredients were quite simple:

3/4 cup of natural peanut butter

3/4 cup of icing sugar (I need to find a substitute eventually)

1/2 tsp of vanilla

Mix with a mixer and then roll into balls. Place in fridge.

Melt some chocolate, I melted like 1/2 cup of chocolate chips and added about 1 TBSP of shortening, then took the balls out of the fridge, coated them in chocolate and put them back in the fridge.

I let paul taste one first and he said they tasted EXACTLY like reeses pieces cups. Literally. I shared some with my coworkers and they all agreed, they said they tasted BETTER.

This is by no means a healthy recipe, I only ate one because they are SOOO sweet, hence why I brought some  to work to get rid of them cause i am never going to eat them all. I would go into a coma.

If anyone can tweak the recipe to a more healthy touch by all means let me know what you do! I might play around with it again with some protein powder instead and see what I can figure out.

On another note, I wanted to try a new gluten free pizza crust recipe, one that is fluffy, not thin crust like every single recipe you find. I found this amazing recipe that has ingredients I have never seen anywhere for gluten free goods. I am going to pick up the items tomorrow and try it out on Sunday.

Here’s the recipe: Gluten free pizza crust

I will let you know on Monday how it turns out!



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Gluten free pie crust!! FINALLY!!

This post is about food, just a heads up, if you couldn’t tell from my title.

Since September of last year, I have wanted to be able to make gluten free pies, and I just didn’t know how. All the recipes I found on gluten free pie crusts included a zillion ingredients and were extremely complicated. Well I don’t like complicated recipes, they discourage me. So the night before last I had this dream which in my dream I figured out how to make gluten free pie crust. I’m not kidding. I sound retarded but it’s honestly the truth! So yesterday afternoon I thought about making quiche! I love quiche, I had some ham in the fridge, along with some yummy goat’s milk feta cheese. Along with some vegetables I put it all together and then I had a tiny amount of gluten free flour left, so I thought: You know what, I’ll just experiment. Off experimenting I did!


The crust wasn’t the most perfected, but I was more focused on how it would taste! I just wanted to get it in the oven asap!

I made some with crust and some without!

Like I said on facebook, I don’t have a recipe to share just yet. Part of it is my mother’s treasured recipe for her own pie crust so I may not be able to divulge that information on my blog. 😡 If you know my mother, you know she doesn’t share her recipes, like, at all. You can bribe her all you want, and you won’t get a thing. You could’ve been asking her for the last 10 years, and she still won’t give it to you. God bless my mother! Cause she is one wicked awesome of a cook!

Anyways, last week I made this apple crisp, it was delish! The only problem was that there was too much sugar, I followed a normal recipe and substituted normal flour for gluten free flour. They called for much much too much sugar but because it was my first time I didn’t want to change it too much. Do I regret that. Next time I make this, the sugar is getting cut by A LOT!




It didn’t call for any oats at all which I found interesting. I’m at work right now and I don’t remember the recipe. But if you want it I will fetch it at home and give it to you! Just give me a hollar.

That’s it for now. 🙂