Pregnancy woes

I am so sorry for all my blog subscribers!! Last week I had the good intention of making at least 4 posts but only managed 2 because my week was again ridiculous. My work has picked up incredibly and when I get home I’m so exhausted I’m lucky if I can sit up at the computer and manage to make my fingers type something!

My schedule looks lighter this week so I am going to try, I won’t make any promises!

Last week I started the week off feeling great, had lots of energy, so Monday and Tuesday I worked out with weights and had more energy I have had since the pregnancy started! However, Tuesday night I went to bed later than I normally do (10 instead of 8:30) and boom, from Wednesday on, it felt like two weeks in 3 days, I was so exhausted, I could barely function or do my job or anything! I came close to calling in sick but couldn’t. Even though I felt awful I still managed to get my 4 workouts in last week which i am extremely proud of!
I was hoping over the weekend I would recover somewhat except I didn’t…Saturday i got a lot done around the house, I organized quite a few things, got all my laundry done and also got a ton of much needed grocery shopping done. I felt quite accomplished, and then Sunday I could barely stay sitting up all day, it was dreadful, I didn’t want to go to bed for fear of making the lethargy worse.
I woke up this morning barely able to talk, I think I mumbled my way through getting my way to work, my brain wouldn’t function, it still is barely functioning.
I started waking up a bit, I just finished my legs and abs workouts, except my lunch never digested (due to extreme tiredness even though I’ve had lots of sleep) and I am still currently tasting my lunch. I’m not sure why I’m feeling so awful. Next week I am starting my 2nd trimester and I’m thinking this is a nice ending of the 1st trimester? Who knows.

Regarding the eating, I came to a conclusion over the weekend, not a very happy conclusion either, but it made lots of sense. When I was in highschool losing weight, I had to be SO picky about what I ate, I couldn’t eat any ANY foods in the moderately high glycemic category, so no potatoes, no sweet potatoes. I ate zero grains, no chips, no pop, no juice, anythign thing that would cause my blood sugar to spike even slightly I stayed away from only become my metabolism was SO touchy.
However, as I got older my metabolism sped up and I could afford to eat a few more things without being so worried about burning it off the evening or the morning after. I stayed the same weight for 4 months without exercising… and that was eating quite a few things that weren’t so great for me on a regular basis and eating quite a few grains (gluten free of course.)
Now that my hormones have changed and I’ve been so frustrated due to the over weight gain that I have accumulated, I’ve realized that my metabolism has switched to that very picky very touchy metabolism I used to have in high school. Doesn’t mean I should totally avoid eating grains, nor should I stop eating moderatly high glycemic foods, however, it does mean that I need to be wayyyyy more anal about what I eat, and how often I’m eating it, and what types of grains I DO eat.
I might switch to only eating quinoa like I used to, and the occasional brown rice. This is very sad for me because I like eating my corn bread, I like juice, my taste buds have adjusted to eating a certain way and now I have to change it for the better, unless i want to way 220 pounds on the day I deliver. I KNOW that there is a direct proportion to what I am eating and how much i weigh right now, now I know how hard it is for some obese people to change the way they eat. It is FREAKING HARD! More so since my hormones are skyrocketed and slightly more in control of my body. It’s almost like pms hormones for 9 months, no wonder I’ve gained how much I have!

My only solution is to for sure write down everyday that I eat so I aware of how much I am eating, and it is also a reminder to me that if I do eat “cheat foods” to not eat much of them or be aware of how much I am consuming and how often.

Monitoring is going to be key for me. If anyone has any same struggles feel free to share your feelings with me in the comment section! We can share solutions together. Two brains is always better than one! Other than that, keep up the working out! Workout weight session #2 for me today! 🙂



  1. #1 by walkbarefootandhappy on September 27, 2011 - 11:14

    changing eating habits is extremely hard. try not to be too hard on yourself, but its good to be aware that this is something that you struggle with 🙂

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