Workout plan during pregnancy

I am coming to the end of my 1st trimester and I’m kinda excited because I can’t wait for my belly to get bigger and for me to stop feeling so “fat” cause my belly kinda just looks like flab right now.

I’ve found it interesting that exercise is so much more important for me now than it was before I was pregnant, I find it very curious. If I don’t exercise not only do I not sleep well but I’m more tired, I’m cranky and I’m almost useless. Without the rise in my metabolism that exercise gives me, I can barely cope with life! I know a lot of women who struggle with exercising when they are pregnant because of a) neasea and b) extreme exhaustion, but exercise can help get rid of neausea and also like it did in my case make the exhaustion temporarily go away so that you’re able to function for a few very crucial hours in the day!

My routine as it stands are lifting weights 3-4x/week, I usually work on Legs abs on Monday. Tuesday it’s back and biceps, Wednesday I “rest” or do some light cardio, go for a walk. Thursday is chest and triceps, and Fridays I was swimming, but I’m kinda turned off by how disgusting our pool is, goodness knows when it was last inspected. It is supposed to be shut down in a few weeks for 6 weeks to get the lights fixed adn the deck fixed and other things as well so I am going to wait till it’s back up and running newly fixed before I swim again. In the meantime I think I am going to start doing abs and glutes or shoulders and abs on Fridays. In terms of how I am managing the intensity of the workout, I haven’t been working out intensely at all, last week I used my HR when performing squats and deadlifts so I knew where I was working at and that I wasn’t pushing it. I also don’t go under 8 reps, because that just gets too intense, I’m trying to stay in the 10-12 range, for 3 sets, sometimes if it’s easier I’ll do a 4th set but usually 3 sets is enough for me. It’s definitely hard going from performing 4-5 reps with high intensity and lots of weight to lowering it for my baby, it was a hard adjustment at first but now just to know that I’m working my muscle I’m definitely more than happy that I can at least weight lift3-4 times a week! Now it definitely not the time to get jacked.

On the weekends I haven’t really been doing much, I have to say though I think I’ve started nesting because I am definitely getting more into organizing and such, last weekend I got so much more done than I’ve done in the apartment in a month! I organized quite a few things, so I am hoping to be just as accomplished this weekend. I finding the extra moving around really helps me feel better.

I am sorry I haven’t really posted much about food lately, I haven’t really been experimenting much as of lately, it’s been pretty regular normal meals, I’ve been trying to stay away from really starchy gluten free baked goods just because I am trying to monitor my weight a little more closely. Speaking of weight, I am really going to be needing some maternity clothes soon, I only have 1 pair of jeans that fit me, and as of right now 1 skirt that fits me, I don’t own any winter dresses.. so clothing for Church is becoming scarce.

Anyone know a second hand store in halifax that would carry maternity clothes? I’m thinking more so for the pants…

K tomorrow I’ll make a real post about fitness… Crossfit anyone?

  1. #1 by Cassandra on October 2, 2011 - 08:17

    frenchys, value village and there is a place close to windsor street….I forget the name of it

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