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Pregnancy and workout

I am sorry for all my readers that I have not posted in 2 weeks! I was away for work last week, then came down with a really really nasty cold. THEN, still sick, came back to work and had this mound of lovely paperwork on my desk. So, my apologies!!

However, in the past few weeks I have done more work to formulate my workout plan for after having my baby, I’m SUPER excited!!I definitely cannot wait to tackle the challenge of working out, and working out intensely without having any boundaries anymore. I think I will have a new appreciation for challenging myself in my workouts, of working harder to get better.

So far, I’ve looked into getting a TRX with a door stop for at home use, um… EXCITEMENT. I’ve also developed a running program that I am going to work on because when I get back to work I am going to have to do my annual expres test, so prepare for the beep test, which means running to level 7 or 8.

ALSO, all the training I was doing for my pushups was put on hold, not only because I got pregnant (I am just maintaining a lower intensity training chest program now) but also because I started developing inflammation in my shoulders due to working them so much to increase my strength to help better my crappy pushups….. sucky? Very much so yes. I am hoping that after April my shoulders will have rested enough to jump back on that bandwagon and kick those pushups in the butt!!

Currently I have had to modify my workout program, for the past week months I have been front squatting with just the bar, doing normal exercises for back, chest, abs. However, this week I definitely noticed a change in my abdominal muscles, I can no longer front squat without feeling like my abs are going to rip open and fall on the floor, so, that means no more front squats and switch to some single leg assisted squats and single leg training. This also means that in terms of my core strengthening, I have to up my kegels and stick to exercises that do not overly strain my core because my rectus might rip while giving birth, I’d prefer to not rip it before hand if possible.

This had made it slightly difficult in terms of working because I can’t demonstrate a few exercises, I also can’t lifeguard, I would not be able to rescue someone if necessary, these aren’t bad things, but it’s interesting going through the process of my body adjusting to the baby.

Until next time, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later in terms of posting, stay healthy and workout! 🙂

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Working off that sluggish feeling of a long weekend that included lots of turkey and butter

We are all there, just admit it, you’re sad the long weekend is gone, but you are happy that you have turkey left overs! boo yeah!! However, you might be fighting off that sluggish feeling of the weekend, and all the large meals and gravy that you consumed and it’s Tuesday, time to work it off.


This post is going to be very simple in the fact that I am extremely exhausted I know that much. Last week I was so busy, I worked out 4x in addition to cleaning and organizing my house like crazy on the weekend for no other reason than just because. I also went for a bike ride on Sunday which then led to 4 days of working out straight = a lot of exercise for a 14 week pregnant woman who normally rests evenly on the weekends. Needless to say I could barely get through my workout today, but at the end, you gotta get your butt moving and anything is better than nothing!

Sure I might not have worked off two huge turkey meals, but you have to start somewhere, I’m sure mostly everyone is going back to normal eating habits, just make sure that your exercise habits are up there with them.

So this is your friendly neighbour hood reminder to not continue to sit on your ass and that it’s a 4 day week, so workout 3-4x if you can before that weekend comes, and go make yourself feel refreshed with a good workout!! =) Energy will come back that will have started to drift off with the long weekend.


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Motivation in the country with no gym?

This is a problem I may be encountering in the future. I may be moving outside the city where the closest gym is about 30 km away and I will have no car and to bike that with a baby…might as well be the workout itself!

I was spending a lot of time thinking about whether I wanted to make this move or not. I grew up in a small town in the middle of no where, but it was still a town, so you could still walk to the grocery store and go to the gym when it was open (which was only certain very small alloted times during the day), and it was mostly convenient if you didn’t have a car. I had a bike so it wasn’t really a big deal. However, that’s much different than actually living far from… anything, the closest Superstore is where the closest gym is, and so are any other errand necessity places. How does this tie in with my motivation?

I’ve never had the motivation to work out at home, I hate working out at home, first off I usually can never get the motivation to do so, second of all there’s no iron around to inspire me to pick it up, no other people there to help you get into the zone.

I can’t run much because of my constant knee problems and also: I don’t have money to go see an osteopath to get the problem sorted out, what am I going to do in the winter time: snow, cardio? The place I’d be moving into doesn’t have high enough ceiling to skip and purchasing a spin bike for indoors…well space is limited and that’s a bit more than I’d want to spend though not totally out of the question. How do I keep myself motivated to workout 3-4x/week?

These are the ideas I have so far for motivating myself in terms of making my fitness goals realistic:

– Figure out to see an osteopath to get back into running, we will be living by the water and there won’t be as much pavement so I could always try, I’m sure I could find a neighbour who is into running and needs just as much motivation as I do. Either that or cycling, there’s lots of hills, cycling to and from peggys cove when the weather permits could always be a fun ride!

– Definitely buying a TRX, those things are amazing and they don’t require an insane amount of space. In terms of using it.. I’m definitely going to have to have inspiring images around me to make sure that I keep focused and set aside a time, perhaps with Paul so that we both can motivate each other.

– When I come into the city on the weekends, make sure I lift weights both days and then perhaps during the week I can make it in once to do that extra weight workout.

– Volunteering at the gym in the evenings( when the car would be available to me) to teach a class like spin or do a more weight lifting like class like bodypump (nearest gym is a goodlife) so that it helps me keep tabs on myself and forces me to maintain.

– Who knows, I could probably easily start up a bootcamp out that way, in a rather semi deserted area like that I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d be starving for motivation, so why not give others the opportunity to workout? I’d have to buy some extra insurance but that’s not a big deal.

Is anyone else in this same position? Any ideas, tips or comments you’d like to share? I’d like to hear what other people think. 🙂

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To crossfit or not to crossfit

One thing I’m not too fond of in the industry is crossfit. I got into crossfit when I was in college, my prof was really into it and I wasn’t exactly sure what it was but it was a lot of fun to do, I actually think this may have started my chain of problems in exhausting my adrenals soon after. I loved the intensity of the workouts, and it was a great workout in a short period of time. Thankfully enough I didn’t actually go to “crossfit centres” to do crossfit workouts and I’m glad I was never exposed to that but I’ll go into that shortly.

1. Crossfit’s purpose is rather skewed. They advertise their program as being used by many elite athletes and that their workout is “elite” yet depending on where you read, you will also read that crossfit is for people who want to get into fitness and who are looking for a new way to get fit. Well….a program for an Elite athlete will never be used by a beginner, simply because it will be too hard and will cause injuries and it just won’t work… the level of the person has to be considered. Which brings me to my next point.

2. The type of methodology that is used by crossfit is very intense puking type workouts. Not only it is supposed to be intense, but you should also lift heavier, push heavier, etc which for a beginner that’s not possible. How many people who have never worked out in their life before and who do not have a stabilized core, are pushed into doing heavy squats and deadlifts right away? Recipe for disaster. This is one of the biggest reasons why I don’t recommend Cross fit workouts to just anyone, I don’t even use the word Crossfit at all in my work. Crossfit workouts use exercises that are very advanced, pushups are advanced, especially for a beginner, same thing with pull ups, if you’re a woman goodluck cause you’ll feel you’re never good enough for crossfit due to the amount of body weight exercises that are incorporated into their workouts. Olympic lifts are DEFINITELY advanced, and if it’s your first session of crossfit you should get the broomstick, and probably continue for a month after until you have mastered technique. My chiropractor’s friend got him into crossfit, I was wary of what he was going to tell me, he said he felt so pressured, he knows his body very well and they wanted him uping his weight and on his squats and deadlifts particularly and he told them no, he wanted to stick with teh weight he was working with because he didn’t want to injure himself. I gave him huge props because that’s how crossfit works. They don’t allow enough time for technique when it comes to the olympic lifts, intensity is good yes but not when you are compromising your technique for weight and intensity.

3. Crossfit is not olympic lifting, yet you see many pictures that define it is as so. Crossfit simply uses intense exercises such as front squats, snatches and deadlifts in their program because they are great and incorporate a lot of muscles. However, these are for NO beginner, these require a good eye and one on one guidance for every time you perform the exercise until you know  it can be done right, and even then it should be spotted very carefully to make sure that form is not being compromised. In Crossfit, how is this possible when many of the workouts are being done for time? It’s about how many you can do in a short period of time, well unfortunately many people lose their form in the heavy lifting which is the most crucial aspect. This is probably one of the biggest reasons I don’t like crossfit.

4. Because the methodology of crossfit is “push harder, lift heavier, have to get a better faster time!” when newbies join, it’s a recipe for injury, many of them fall into this wanting more too soon, they get pushed in addition to pushing themselves, and form is never critiqued/valued enough so that poor form follows and so do injuries. If after one crossfit workout you can’t sit on the toilet for about 1.5 weeks and you also can’t move you elbow past 45 degrees for 2 weeks, there’s a problem because that’s how injuries happen. Over working a muscle too fast, too intensely.

5. Crossfit leaves no room for beginners, hence where the “elite” terms comes from. If you’re looking to just lose weight cause you’ve been out of it for 5 years, stay away from crossfit, go ask a personal trainer to design you a more weight loss beginner friendly “crossfit type” workout because any good trainer can make one up in about 5 minutes and it’s awesome! Crossfit is very intense circuit training.

6. Crossfit certifications, first of all, there are NO prerequisites, that’s the first flaw, which means any person without any background in fitness or kinesiology can come in and guess what, they can to train you about the biomechanics of a squat and deadlift, no thank you. I’d rather have someone who has a proper background and a proper established cert train me.

Do I recommend crossfit? Absolutely not. Crossfit sadly has developed a sort of cult brain washed followers, because of that many crossfitters will not be open to others outside of crossfit and what they have to say. Crossfit has a time and a place in a person’s fitness life, whether or not it is actually Crossfit or “crossfit” Just make sure you have someone who takes their time with you and values teaching you instead of pushing you beyond your limits in about your 3rd session.

If you’re an experienced lifter and want to get into something like crossfit, eat your heart out!!! If you know what your limits are and know how to pace yourself, by all means, go feast yourself.