Working off that sluggish feeling of a long weekend that included lots of turkey and butter

We are all there, just admit it, you’re sad the long weekend is gone, but you are happy that you have turkey left overs! boo yeah!! However, you might be fighting off that sluggish feeling of the weekend, and all the large meals and gravy that you consumed and it’s Tuesday, time to work it off.


This post is going to be very simple in the fact that I am extremely exhausted I know that much. Last week I was so busy, I worked out 4x in addition to cleaning and organizing my house like crazy on the weekend for no other reason than just because. I also went for a bike ride on Sunday which then led to 4 days of working out straight = a lot of exercise for a 14 week pregnant woman who normally rests evenly on the weekends. Needless to say I could barely get through my workout today, but at the end, you gotta get your butt moving and anything is better than nothing!

Sure I might not have worked off two huge turkey meals, but you have to start somewhere, I’m sure mostly everyone is going back to normal eating habits, just make sure that your exercise habits are up there with them.

So this is your friendly neighbour hood reminder to not continue to sit on your ass and that it’s a 4 day week, so workout 3-4x if you can before that weekend comes, and go make yourself feel refreshed with a good workout!! =) Energy will come back that will have started to drift off with the long weekend.



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