Pregnancy and workout

I am sorry for all my readers that I have not posted in 2 weeks! I was away for work last week, then came down with a really really nasty cold. THEN, still sick, came back to work and had this mound of lovely paperwork on my desk. So, my apologies!!

However, in the past few weeks I have done more work to formulate my workout plan for after having my baby, I’m SUPER excited!!I definitely cannot wait to tackle the challenge of working out, and working out intensely without having any boundaries anymore. I think I will have a new appreciation for challenging myself in my workouts, of working harder to get better.

So far, I’ve looked into getting a TRX with a door stop for at home use, um… EXCITEMENT. I’ve also developed a running program that I am going to work on because when I get back to work I am going to have to do my annual expres test, so prepare for the beep test, which means running to level 7 or 8.

ALSO, all the training I was doing for my pushups was put on hold, not only because I got pregnant (I am just maintaining a lower intensity training chest program now) but also because I started developing inflammation in my shoulders due to working them so much to increase my strength to help better my crappy pushups….. sucky? Very much so yes. I am hoping that after April my shoulders will have rested enough to jump back on that bandwagon and kick those pushups in the butt!!

Currently I have had to modify my workout program, for the past week months I have been front squatting with just the bar, doing normal exercises for back, chest, abs. However, this week I definitely noticed a change in my abdominal muscles, I can no longer front squat without feeling like my abs are going to rip open and fall on the floor, so, that means no more front squats and switch to some single leg assisted squats and single leg training. This also means that in terms of my core strengthening, I have to up my kegels and stick to exercises that do not overly strain my core because my rectus might rip while giving birth, I’d prefer to not rip it before hand if possible.

This had made it slightly difficult in terms of working because I can’t demonstrate a few exercises, I also can’t lifeguard, I would not be able to rescue someone if necessary, these aren’t bad things, but it’s interesting going through the process of my body adjusting to the baby.

Until next time, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later in terms of posting, stay healthy and workout! 🙂

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