A look at my workout life

I really have to thank my baby for this opportunity to teach me more about my body. This pregnancy keeps educating me more and more and it’s only making me a better person so far. I realized the other day that this whole 9 months is basically a step back from normal “workout life” for me, and to really study and analyze what my goals should be when I get back. Where my priorities need to be and how I can quickly recover and make myself a stronger better person, not for myself, but for my family: mentally and physically (hey, that baby is gonna get heavy fast and my back isn’t gonna get stronger just by itself!)

One thing that is keeping me on my toes, is the fact that I will have to do my yearly Expres test when I return back from maternity leave, which means: lots of running, and lots of pushups and kicking that core in the face! Not only does 1 year give me the opportunity to recover, but it gives me the opportunity to push myself even farther in my training that I have been able to.

Most women unfortunately see pregnancy as a setback, they think their workout life is over and they will never be able to be a “fit” as they were before they got pregnant, but after birth is pretty much the perfect time to get back into shape! I mean, you have your baby to motivate you! Well at least that’s how I see it, you give your body up for your child in pregnancy, and you should give your body up to strength for the safety of your child and the safety of yourself. Will you be able to chase your kids around when they take off from you in the mall? Can you carry your child when they get really tired and need a little help from the parents? Lopsided shoulders are very common in mothers, and that is only making things worse for yourself once injury and pain and ache comes along.

I am super excited to take the baby for jogs in the stroller, to get out and get some fresh air, I almost wish I was the baby in the stroller enjoying a fast paced ride with mummy! Workout at home with the baby, make them smile in between your rest set. I’m sure he/she will be fascinated watching me. As the children get older they only start imitating you, and hey, situps at 2 years of age is definitely not a bad thing. It’s an easy thing to keep them busy also when you’re working out. Pullups with your baby? Uh yeah, that is totally one of my goals, the baby is going to get heavy fast, so all the more for me to push myself quicker!

Well, goals keep you motivated and always working hard anyways. So far I am pretty happy with how much I have been able to maintain my weight routine. My squats and deadlifts are pretty light… my legs are so weak, I have a weak butt, definitely something I have to work on once the baby arrives. My bench press however has stayed relatively high, which I am happy with! Yay, in fact I think when the baby is born my overall 1 rm bench press will be higher than it was before the baby came along. HECK YES!!! Win win win win win win win win!!!

Those are my thoughts, I’m pretty excited about this baby!

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