Reunion with my laptop and vibram five fingers

I am currently on my purple (black) macbook which I haven’t been on in a long time because my wifi doesn’t work and plugging a cord in is rather awkward in my apartment situation. However, this reunion is a result of my work computer internet explorer decided that it didn’t want to upload any more pictures on word press = stupid. I called IT and they asked me if it was a work related issue, well, I couldn’t exactly say that because I upload my blog when I’m bored at work, SO, there goes fixing that problem. Hence: the laptop.

I have had so memories with this laptop, I’ve had it al throughout school, talked many many many hours to my husband on this laptop…. pretty much lived on this thing for the past 3 years… and I’ve neglected it terribly since April, how dreadful!

Anyways, hopefully our relationship will continue to grow as I become more regular updating my blog *cough* well here goes!

A few weeks ago I came into the ownership of a pair of vibram five fingers:

Now, you can’t possibly say that they are ugly, I mean PINK!!!!!!!! Okay, besides the pink colour. I bought them because I’ve had a lot of feet/knee problems and I know that strengthening those lovely small tiny muscles can do wonders for leg problems, I did not buy them with the intention of running in them, but to specifically strengthen my feet and wear them for cross training and simple things like walking. I was super excited when they arrived! They are ridiculously comfortable, they feel just like slippers, I also walked around in my bare feet for most of my childhood, I used to run on gravel… a lot.

My first day wearing them was such an educational experience, I was forced to properly heel strike in them while walking, which I had never noticed that I wasn’t doing that in my normal asic sneakers, I also landed on my outside toes – to my big toe, which is how the foot is to land.

I have very flat feet, literally no arch, however my ankles do not roll in, thank goodness, however I noticed in these five fingers I was very aware of my arch and that I did not let it sink or fall into the ground like I would in my normal sneakers, I became very aware of all the muscles in my feet, I also had to take smaller more precise steps. I wore them for a few hours a day the first few days so not to kill my feet, then I took a 20-25 minute walk home in them one day. By the time I got home I felt like all the muscles in my feet up to my knee were solid rock, the next day my calves were SUPER sore.

Now, I haven’t run in them, I am not going to run in them until at least next summer for a few reasons, one being that I am not going to start running mid- pregnancy. That is never a good idea. The other is that I am very flat-footed and I would be wary of my ankles rolling in whilst running, so before I do that I want to start strengthening the muscles in my feet so they are stronger and then I will see where that leads me before next summer.

Are they bad or a fad? I think not,

I have seen many people around my work wearing them, running in them, testing in them, and in 99% of the cases they were landing on their heels while wearing five fingers, now these people have obviously bought them for the wrong reasons. Many people think that they will fix their feet problems simply wearing them. However, when you switch to a shoe that is more barefoot designed you have to re-learn how to walk, how to run and only then will they do you any good. I bought them with a reason, not because they looked comfortable or because others told me they were good for me.

In terms of running I wouldn’t recommend them for everyone, not straight away, especially for those who have flat foot problems, if the muscles in the foot aren’t strong enough running barefoot can cause even more problems. Do your research, talk to people who have them, read articles on them, get your information before taking the dive.

I am so listening to Christmas music while I am typing this, yeah…. first time ever I’ve done that in November. 😡


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