Hip problems? What?! How! Why?

This was me… 2 months ago,

actually, that was me yesterday, the day before, and the day before that…. this is the first time in my life that I’ve ever had hip problems, or hip pain or experienced any type of serious hindering discomfort in my hips. It started about 2 months ago, I had no idea why, I figured it was related to the pregnancy, and it would come and go… I went to the chiropractor after the first really bothersome pain and it was like magic, he adjusted my hips and I felt soooo much better. Like getting grease on a really really stiff hinge.

The pain however, came back, and then went, and then came back again. At the time I was front squatting once a week and also doing single leg deadlifts once a week… I saw the chiropractor again because the pain came back and he poked around my glutes a bit and did some release in them before he adjusted me, let’s just say his thumb in my lower back hurt like HELL.

Anyways, I went to see my brother last night at his office (he’s a naturopath), I’ve been bugging him about giving me acupuncture just cause… I like acupuncture, sometimes I like it for no reason. Besides the point, I told him I was having some stiffness and pain in my hips so he pokes around my lower back a bit and says I’m wicked tight in my glutes and that’s why I was having so much hip pain. DING!!

I’m such a moron, I never put two and two together. My brother then asked me what I had been working on in my training lately, I said I was doing TRX assisted pistol squats and also single leg deadlifts per week.

Brother: “Miriam, are you stretching your glutes?”

Me:  “Um, well I foam roll once a week on my glutes”

Brother: ” Do you stretch outside of foam rolling?”

Me: *awaiting the doomed answer from my brother* “No……”

Brother: “You’re causing your own problems, stretch out your butt and your hip pain will go away dude”

*Bang head against wall* How could I be such an idiot and NOT see that connection between working my ass too much and my hip pain? In addition to the new relaxin hormone surging through opening my hips up. D’oh. Anyways, before this hip pain I was patting myself on the back that if anything, I’d have a nice bum when the baby is born because I’m working my butt so much, well…. I’ve had to tone down my training on my arse a bit… or a lot. Today I foam rolled my butt three times because my hips were giving me so much pain, by the end of the second time I could actually walk without a limp. The foam roller makes me want to cry, I can’t even imagine how much pain a glute massage would give me. Gah, if I had money I would take the responsibility and actually get one. (Runs away in my head from massage therapist)

So, after I smacked myself in the face for a bit, I got down to stretching and foam rolling quite frequently, in fact it’s being regular in doing so that is going to be challenging, and my goal this week is to stretch once a day after some cardio and foam roll. Thank goodness for foam rollers! I need to get me one of those for my house….


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