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Long overdue with a lot of new info

I apologize to all my readers for the lack of absence in the past two months, there really is no good reason as to why I haven’t been updating. A lot has changed in the past 2 months  that’s all I can say.

In the past 2 months I’ve:

– Progressed in my pregnancy, obviously!

– Haven transitioned from weight training to less weight training and more swimming/core work.

– Started up a knitting business to produce a little extra money on the side

 – Moved to a new home

– Now in my 3rd trimester which means back to being tired all the time!

Luckily enough for me, I can’t complain about my pregnancy, I’ve gained a little too much weight, but right now I really don’t care as I’ve done my best, it’s my first pregnancy and those are usually the hardest. Everything is new to me, nutrition wise especially, now that I’ve hit the 3rd trimester I’ve really started upping my game on nutrition, just eating cleaner in order to prepare for after the baby is born: weight loss, and to be more mentally clear and hopefully less tired.

Okay, okay, real reason, is that at work, I can’t add pictures to my blog, it’s really sad, and really bothers me. Stupid old internet explorer, so in order to get pictures I have to save as a draft and edit and post it at home, which is fine, except my laptop hates me and quit working on me, so using my husbands desktop is less convenient.. by far.

We can survive without a few pictures for a while though right?

I was training pretty heavy with weights there for a bit, most of my whole 2nd trimester, it felt great, I felt strong for where I was at, and then all of a sudden right before Christmas I got really tired (mostly due to all the work I was putting into my knitting business) and then afterwards I didn’t really recover, at that point I was about 26-27 weeks and then the tiredness really started kicking in. Currently if I swim for 20 mins in the day, I’m pretty much useless for the rest of the day, it’s hard to work around, if anything I try and walk around a bit during the day or do a lot of cleaning and organizing at home so I’m not a total vegetable, however, it’s definitely difficult!

In addition to being tired, I’ve had insane hip pain, I now feel for seniors who struggle with hip pain everyday in their older age, however mine is due to the pregnancy, which hopefully will go away afterwards. My SI joints are just messed up, in addition to my glutes being too tight, my hips are trying to expand and my glutes are not letting them. I’ve been getting a lot of siatica, so most of the time I’m limping around.

On a completely different note, my knitting business has taken start, my husband encouraged me to do this and I pretty much laughed at him, until the idea simmered in my head, we really needed the extra money and I thought there was no harm in trying really. Since then I’ve established a shop on Etsy which is by far, one of the hardest things to work on. Having an online business is ridiculously hard! I’ve had to learn so many new things, put my trust in God and just let Him take over. If you’re interested check it out:

I might post about it here and then, but for the most part I’ll keep you up to date on my pregnancy and healthy lifestyle choices and whereabouts.

I am going on maternity leave in a couple months and my equipment goal before I go on it is


– Foam roller.

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