12 months is not a lot of time

Not many of you are aware of my “fitness” situation postpartum, so instead of seeing me as this overly anal pregnant nut who’s severely worried about her after baby fitness: there’s actually a reason I’m like that! Other than because I’m enthusiastic about  being fit.

It is mandatory for me to return to work in a year’s time (so next April) and in order for me to keep my job I have to maintain a fitness level. Now, the fitness level I have to maintain really isn’t that big of a deal, run 5.5 on the beep test, 9 pushups and a decent amount of situps, as well as a grip strength. It’s kind of a joke in our job how easy that is, yet it’s amazing how many women can’t do 9 consecutive pushups after a 5.5 minute run, not only that BUT to do that 12 months after having your core ripped out of you almost literally through giving birth.

So, 12 months really isn’t that much time!

It took me 4 months to be able to perform 2 perfect “military” style pushups, so 12 months is going to be a challenge to keep my standard up in terms of performing 9+. Hence the importance of start a training regime asap.

Within the year not only do I need to prepare for my fitness test once getting back to work, but I am also going to participate in a power lifting competition. I want to do something different, and I also want to become more familiar with the major essential exercises in the fitness industry, my coworker is going to guide me in this area and well, it’ll be fun! It will also help me re build my core strength as those functional lifts (dead lift, bench press, squat etc) require a decent amount of core strength!

Now some of you might think that with this mentality I have going on that I’m not even thinking about how awesome the time is going to be with my baby after he/she is born, quite the contrary! I am super excited for this new phase in my life, a little bit anxious but definitely excited. I am excited to meet this new person that God has graciously given my husband and I. I look forward to being able to work out with my child, something a lot of parents don’t realize that they can do. If you have time to go on facebook while you’re at home, you can workout while keeping a good eye on your children at home too.

I already have this idea of my husband doing pushups and the children (a few years down the road!) crawling on top of him for a fun ride while he’s performing his pushups, now THAT is awesome. Makes it more challenging for him and also more fun for the kids! There’s so many ways to incorporate your children into making it a game for them while you’re still getting a workout at the same time. Mind you this can only be done with limited equipment at home. For the serious weight lifters, well, mum and dad will have to do a split shift in order for that to happen!

My point is, it’s all where your priorities lie, if you’re not willing to spend less time on the computer then don’t complain about not being able to workout or lose your post baby fat after the baby is born. Make wise food choices, I’m sure I will be tired as hell after the baby is born, I’m not going to get a straight nights sleep, I’m going to be cranky, but exercise is a stress reliever, doesn’t matter how much or how long, or how intense(or low key) it is, just get’er done!

Check out this site for a few ideas for working out with your children at their different ages:

Workout ideas for working out with your children



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  1. #1 by Mom on March 13, 2012 - 11:48

    Now that I would like to see-Paul doing push-ups with his children on his back. Have you suggested that to him? I’ll bet he would love it.

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