Just when you’re feeling down… workout!

Another cold is attacking me… it sucks, I feel like all the life I have is being sucked out of me, I’m fighting with a sore throat right now, the sore throat wants to move in but I’m keeping my barriers up pretty strongly. That being said, last night was the most humid night in the existence of nights and I was dying. Not to mention my breastfeeding relationship with Richard is going downhill because he’s getting older = needs more milk. Mummy doesn’t have more milk so… unhappy baby. This morning when  I woke up I was determined I would do a workout today, not only because my workouts have been off schedule lately but because I have to keep myself liable and make myself feel slightly better about life!

Since I was feeling like death I didn’t want to do an insane workout so I thought I would do some pilates. I downloaded a series of videos on the iPad a few weeks ago, and I did a 35 min session this morning. I haven’t sweat that much in ages, it was a rather high paced Pilates session but it was flipping amazing! Definitely looking forward to the other videos and doing it on a more regular basis. I think this is what I am going to do now on my “off” days.

^ Must get my hands on that dvd! I just found it looking for some pictures to add into my post! Win!
immediately following my pilates I felt sooo much better! Maybe it was the ibuprofen I took earlier this morning, but I’m hoping it was the pilates. Haha! Since I was feeling better I had more motivation to clean the dishwasher and make myself a nice healthy smoothie for lunch (banana, blueberry, sunwarrior protein and raw cocoa!)

I’m looking forward to my supper, I am debating making some cauliflower pizza crust and some avocado spaghetti sauce with some veggies and chickpeas on top… mmmm…. or maybe I’ll find something else to make. Who know with me!




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  1. #1 by Pseudo on August 13, 2012 - 14:28

    So if you don’t have any milk, the baby starves…?

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