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Why women shouldn’t run

I came across this article yesterday on facebook that was shared by a Former Figure competitor regarding cardio/running. It was interesting that it was coming from her because it’s well known across the fitness industry that those in the body building competition put in over 10 hours of cardio a week to achieve their lean figure. However, this article (you must read!) provides a completely different outlook on it.

It’s true, please let me ask you. If you are a woman, and you want to lose weight, what’s the first workout that comes to your mind when you think about going to the gym and exercising? Going for a walk, go for a jog, maybe achieve a 5K? Now let me ask you again, if someone told you, you SHOULD NOT run and they told you to lift weights, would you snort at them worried you would get huge like all the guys?

Now I present you this article:

Why women WON’T get huge lifting weights. Great article, lots of great stuff on I suggest you hang out around there and check out other stuff (aka, articles) that they have.

Now, if you have never stepped foot inside a gym, have anxiety when approaching one. Don’t kill yourself over it, start at home. Invest in a TRX (I have a blog post about it here:, get a swiss ball and browse my blog for some exercises you can do at home. Take a walk and do sets of walking lunges in your walk, maybe stop at a park and work on some pushups, etc. Park’s are fantastic for working out!

However, if you do want to learn and get into a gym to start working out with weights and you have never worked out before in your life. Ask the front desk for someone to give you a tour so you know where the equipment is and someone can show you how to work each machine. Every gym has this option available to newcomers, use it!

Personally, if you have never used weights before in your life, go with machines. Machines provide more support for your body, which is good when new because your body isn’t used to these movements to begin with, the more support will help you learn which muscles to use and which muscles the machines will use. Starting with 3 sets, 10-15 repetitions 3-4 x a week will do wonders for you!

If you have a previous history of weight training, and you want more from your workout. I would suggest free weights. Free weights are a bit more of a tricky business because they do require more stabilization, but that’s good because more stabilization + more muscles used = stronger. Free weight exercises would include (as a suggestion because there are a thousand!)

  •  Barbell squats (squat rack)
  • Shoulder Press
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Dips
  • Walking Lunges
  • Front arm raises
  • Incline Flies

I would make this post MUCH more detailed, but as it stands, I can’t, I’m short of time right now. If you have any questions and want more info, please leave a comment! 🙂




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The excuse “I can’t cook or bake healthy for myself/family” why I don’t tolerate it!

So let’s get this straight. I have heard sooo often from people that not only do they NOT have time to cook and bake healthy for their family, but they just don’t know how, or don’t want to take the EFFORT to cook and bake.

Now for my question: Have many of you have a kitchen? I’m assuming everyone is going to raise a hand. Okay, well that is freaking awesome, because….. I DON’T! That’s right, I don’t have a kitchen at the moment. My husband had to move away to find work cause Canada hates him, so we are separated, which means I moved into a smaller place, well, it’s a 1 bedroom but doesn’t have a kitchen. At first I thought “wtf? How am I gonna live” Then Paul said “well, with your kitchen appliances you should be able to make it work” Thank God for my husband, what would I do without him! I then decided that with a little imagination I could make it work.

What I have in my “kitchen”

– Toaster Oven

– Microwave (I discourage the use of Microwave but it came with the place and I don’t have anything else to reheat my food like a steamer)

– Beer size fridge or mini fridge.

– Vita mix (mine, obviously!)

– Slow Cooker

– Juicer

– Electric frying pan

– Electric Kettle.

– 5 ft table.

– Some shelving

– Deep freezer.

Okay, so let’s talk about what I eat on a regular basis:

Hamburgers, meatballs, pan fried fish, salads (every kind), pasta, spaghetti, home made spaghetti sauce, cookies, muffins, biscuits, stir fries, bread, eggs in all forms and shapes cooked, quiche, casseroles, stews, smoothies, veggies cooked in all sorts of different ways, nut balls, energy balls, home made fudge, hamburger buns etc etc, the list goes on really.

Now, there are many things I can’t do like bbq which I do at my parents, or cook in massive quantities which I try to cook in LARGE quantities at my parents cause my mum has the biggest kitchen ever. Otherwise all I mentioned above I create in my own little “kitchen.”

Please note: Recipes are your friend.

Now, if you currently do have a kitchen, and you currently are NOT eating as healthy as you’d like to. Get that butt in gear! This is just a motivational tool for all you lovely people to really see that cooking healthy just takes a little time and effort, but doesn’t everything? Relationships, friendships, dressing ourselves, etc.

Now, I am going to end sharing some recipes with you that I made this weekend, of the few things that I make in my “kitchen”

Almond Flour Biscuits – Grain Free/ Gluten Free 


A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!! Is all I have to say, really. They are moist, juicy, yummy, full of butter. What more could you ask for? I don’t use almond flour that often, simply because it is pretty expensive. But then the need calls for (rather, my cravings) I do use it and I like the variety it offers.

Next on the list is pancakes. I’ve been on a pancake binge, they are my bread, basically. I make sandwiches with them. Glorious I tell you, especially with some cashew butter and my mums homemade jam = a taste of heaven. I bring 2 to work with me and eat them as part of my breakfast. They are great to make lots ahead of time and have ready in the fridge. Especially if you’re like me, and you don’t have much time to prepare breakfast in the morning.


Another fantastic recipe!! Probably one of my favourites. Reminded me of blueberry pancakes as a child, seriously amazing. AND IT MAKES TONS!! Which is huge for me as I prep for the week (and have a family) so, I actually had to put some in the freezer. I’d say this easily made 20+ pancakes! I know it’s a lot of eggs, but substitute with some egg whites would make it go a bit farther and cheaper.

Until next time, happy eating!

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Bad blogger

I’m a terrible blogger. Honestly. Since I had my little boy, I can’t seem to find a good enough excuse to come on and update regularly. But really that’s just an excuse like “I don’t have time to workout!” or “I don’t have time to eat well!” Of which isn’t really an excuse so really I’m just gonna smack myself on the hand for not being true to my blogger followers. I don’t have many but I do know that those of you that follow me do enjoy reading my blog.

So, I’ve finally kicked into gear and I am going to try and be more consistent, once a week even, is my goal!

Step 1: I have now addmitted I’m an awful blogger.

Step 2: Actually talk about something worth reading

I have learned an insane amount about nutrition since I gave birth last year. I know I posted a while ago that I was going to be studying Holistic Nutrition, that is still the plan, but I have to wait until my finances get figured out a bit more but I am itching to start it! I am learning more and more every day about nutrition and it’s so fantastic! Not just general nutrition, but Holistic Nutrition. In my opinion, there is only one type of nutrition: Holistic, not general carbs, protein, fat etc etc nutrition. This is going into REAL food, and learning what real food does for you and your body and how you can curb sooo many health problems with nutrition. Food really is a drug, it’s the pill we take everyday to make our lives better, or worse, depending on how you eat.

Lately I have been dipping my hands into a lot of different ways of eating. In November of 2012 I tested out the Ketogenic diet, I did that because my weight loss had plateaued and I needed something to kick start my metabolism again. Well it defintely worked but it’s a very strict diet and I wouldn’t want to stay on it permanently. I stayed on it for about 2 months and it did the job, but I was ready to be off of it. Until this point I had heard a lot about the Paleo diet but had never really seriously looked into it. I liked the sound of it, but wasn’t quite ready to give up all forms of processed food (condiments) and such. I don’t eat hardly any processed food anyway, but it’s a jump to make the commitment to buy grass fed and local(organic) products. I also didn’t feel that going completely grain free was what I wanted or needed for my body. It’s alll a game really.

For the last 3-4 years I have been entirely gluten and dairy free. A dietary change that has made my life much more enjoyable! I suffered from constant bloating when I was in college, my stomach felt like a pump, it went up, then went down, and back up and back down. It was frustrating. I also had terrible energy and suffered from lack of focus in my schooling.

Since last year, I have been much more focused on looking at food with the approach that it FUELS ME, not that I eat it because I want to, or because I feel like it, or because it tastes good. If I want to feel great, I have to eat the proper foods. Food is my drug and my pharmacy, it affects how I feel, my ability to think and how I perform. With this approach I can honestly say that my energy levels have sky rocketed! In addition to that, I have been loosely following the “paleo” way of eating, I don’t call it a diet, but you can I suppose if you don’t plan on sticking with it. So far I have found it to produce great results for ME, (it’s individual for everyone). Eliminating grains hasn’t been overly difficult either, though occasionaly I will have some, especially if I am craving it but it’s infrequent.

I would encourage an approach of WHOLE Holistic Local/organic, range fed/grass fed food for those that want to begin a journey to a healthier lifestyle. Not a simple diet or plan but just a very simple way of eating = naturally without any additives, GMO’s, processing etc.

I’ll expand on recipes later, that’s all I do these days is look up recipes, it’s so much fun! I have much more fun cooking now then I ever used to, I can cook what I ENJOY eating and I never have to worry about not being able to make a delicious meal that I absolutely enjoy that can suffice a craving without the guilt.


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