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Life’s hard work and how to face it

When you become a parent, you realize how easy your life was before you had kids. Even in college life was easier (and I went through a hell program, literally), I could sleep in on the weekends, sure I had to study and maybe I had to work, but I could do things independently. (I’m not complaining here, I’m just stating some facts)
Now that I’m married and have a son, I think back to all the things I could have accomplished while single but never did because I didn’t think I could or because I didn’t have the time. How wrong was I! I thought eating healthier wasn’t possible because I was already eating healthy, I thought that I couldn’t lose more weight or get more toned, that I had just plateaued. Boy oh boy, have I surprised myself now! Now that Richard (my son) is born, I have more motivation, more determination and more desire to improve my life, to better myself. I eat cleaner than I thought was ever possible, I push through my workouts like I have never before and somehow I manage to have a hobby of organizing things even with a newborn around? Who thought this was possible?!! It’s amazing, really.

Not exactly what I wanted to say but now I will continue.

Through my facebook and other groups that I like, I see women (especially) who strive to make their bodies look a certain way, which is awesome and props from me! Yet at times I wonder how they can get to a certain age (30’s, 40’s) and not have the desire, or put their desire to have a family below their desire to achieve new thingsĀ  in the way they look. I feel sorry for them, mainly because how your body looks doesn’t last. Sure you can look ripped at 70, but when you get to that age, is that what you will be grateful for? What have you left behind, do you have children or grandchildren you can enjoy your healthy age with?

I see women who are young, (20’s) that achieve these same body looks (ripped) yet what happens to them once they hit a bump in the road? Real life stresses, like relationships, marriage, pregnancy? How do you keep your healthy life on track with all of these? How do you balance finances, housing, food, loans, sickness and still keep your head up when all of these happen? I can definitely say that that ripped body isn’t going to be there throughout all of that and hopefully depression won’t ensue as a result.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if your goal is to “eat clean”(extreme dieting) and follow a regimented schedule for your ripped body 24/7 and that is your goal for the rest of your life, I hate to break it to you, but that is not living and not even possible (long term.) Having a healthy body is key, and essential to enjoying your life, but tipping the scale so far in the other direction isn’t good. I’ve seen “success” stories of mothers that have had 2 kids, gained lots of weight during pregnancy, lose the weight then go on to be do figure competitions and end up becoming a figure model. Sure, that’s fine, but is that realistic? I definitely would not want to have that lifestyle especially for my kids, I don’t want them growing up thinking that in order to have a healthy lifestyle you have to be ripped. Um, no. Sure is being toned a cherry on top? yeah! By all means, that’s my goal now but I realize that once I get pregnant again I won’t look like that, now I’m not saying one has to get fat when pregnant but keep the balance people! Just like pregnancy is not an excuse to go out and eat whatever the flip you want.

I think as mothers, we have it all. People think our lives have ended because we have chosen to give birth and procreate, but how wrong are they! Since I have become a mother I have learned that I have a will power which I never knew existed before. We have the ability to challenge ourselves in ways that other people do not, but we also have our own little cheerleaders: our children. We have the challenge to work around how many different schedules, to tackle sickness in the house and still keep everyone’s heads up. We have laundry to do, souls and personalities to build yet while at the same time taking care of ourselves, our health, the health of our family. We are a rock in which we must water, to grow and grow. The longer you are a mother, the more of a winner you are in my opinion. Our role in life is so unique and so amazing, to be able to inspire our children through our lifestyles, through our desire to be healthy, to be spiritual and to be good. Our children see this, and it is so important!

My message to all mums out there: Take care of yourself, because your kids will one day look back and say” How on earth did she do that?!And still take care of all of us?” You will be the champion and you will be grateful for it! We have the upper hand in my opinion, and how awesome is that!

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12 months is not a lot of time

Not many of you are aware of my “fitness” situation postpartum, so instead of seeing me as this overly anal pregnant nut who’s severely worried about her after baby fitness: there’s actually a reason I’m like that! Other than because I’m enthusiastic aboutĀ  being fit.

It is mandatory for me to return to work in a year’s time (so next April) and in order for me to keep my job I have to maintain a fitness level. Now, the fitness level I have to maintain really isn’t that big of a deal, run 5.5 on the beep test, 9 pushups and a decent amount of situps, as well as a grip strength. It’s kind of a joke in our job how easy that is, yet it’s amazing how many women can’t do 9 consecutive pushups after a 5.5 minute run, not only that BUT to do that 12 months after having your core ripped out of you almost literally through giving birth.

So, 12 months really isn’t that much time!

It took me 4 months to be able to perform 2 perfect “military” style pushups, so 12 months is going to be a challenge to keep my standard up in terms of performing 9+. Hence the importance of start a training regime asap.

Within the year not only do I need to prepare for my fitness test once getting back to work, but I am also going to participate in a power lifting competition. I want to do something different, and I also want to become more familiar with the major essential exercises in the fitness industry, my coworker is going to guide me in this area and well, it’ll be fun! It will also help me re build my core strength as those functional lifts (dead lift, bench press, squat etc) require a decent amount of core strength!

Now some of you might think that with this mentality I have going on that I’m not even thinking about how awesome the time is going to be with my baby after he/she is born, quite the contrary! I am super excited for this new phase in my life, a little bit anxious but definitely excited. I am excited to meet this new person that God has graciously given my husband and I. I look forward to being able to work out with my child, something a lot of parents don’t realize that they can do. If you have time to go on facebook while you’re at home, you can workout while keeping a good eye on your children at home too.

I already have this idea of my husband doing pushups and the children (a few years down the road!) crawling on top of him for a fun ride while he’s performing his pushups, now THAT is awesome. Makes it more challenging for him and also more fun for the kids! There’s so many ways to incorporate your children into making it a game for them while you’re still getting a workout at the same time. Mind you this can only be done with limited equipment at home. For the serious weight lifters, well, mum and dad will have to do a split shift in order for that to happen!

My point is, it’s all where your priorities lie, if you’re not willing to spend less time on the computer then don’t complain about not being able to workout or lose your post baby fat after the baby is born. Make wise food choices, I’m sure I will be tired as hell after the baby is born, I’m not going to get a straight nights sleep, I’m going to be cranky, but exercise is a stress reliever, doesn’t matter how much or how long, or how intense(or low key) it is, just get’er done!

Check out this site for a few ideas for working out with your children at their different ages:

Workout ideas for working out with your children


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