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Weekend of gluten free experimenting

This weekend I was very productive in the gluten free kitchen zone which I am extremely happy about! And so is my stomach. I tried a new recipe for gluten free pancakes (which turned out okay, not amazing but okay) and also a new gluten free pizza crust recipe which was AMAZING!! I can’t even express how amazing it tastes. I had a few pieces for a snack this morning, my coworker wanted to try some cause it looked so good and he didn’t know it was gluten free! Mwahahaha. I love it when I can trick people like that, I am slowly converting the world!

It turned out brilliantly! I also made a little loaf of bread like she suggested at the bottom and it also turned out really yummy! Very fluffy and light. I am going to add a bit of sugar next time as it is a wee bit tart but other than that try it out! I highly recommend it!

Amazing fluffy gluten free pizza crust

For the toppings I used:

-Spaghetti pasta sauce

– Pizza delight pepperoni (because it doesn’t have any wheat in it)

– Red peppers

– Mushrooms

– Klamata olives sliced up

– Sundried tomato goat’s milk feta cheese

= the most yummy amazing taste in your mouth! The sundried tomato feta cheese really added to the flavour of this. Highly recommend!

To add to my experimenting, well this isn’t gluten free related but, okay this might sound sorta embarrassing but I made pan-fried steaks for the first time on Saturday night! I’ve always been wary of cooking steaks, I was never a steak girl when I was younger, but I’ve been craving it more since I’ve been pregnant, so I figured I might as well learn. They turned out really good! Next time I am going to marinate them in goodness and they will be even yummier!

I dunno what it is about mushrooms, onions and steak. GREAT combo! That’s a sweet potato in case you were wondering, I know, not the greatest presentation, but whatever, it tasted good! =D

So for my gluten free pancakes, I tried this recipe:

All recipes gluten free pancakes

No I did not intentionally make it look like an apple.

Anyways, I didn’t have enough tapioca so I couldn’t use the first main 3 ingredients. Instead I used gluten free all purpose flour, and in the end I had to add more flour because the mixture was like water! I’m not sure if that would’ve happened I had I used the rice flour, tapioca flour and potato starch. I am going to try this recipe again when I do get more tapioca flour.

I added chocolate chips because the batter was extremely bland, I don’t like adding a lot of sugar to my recipes, just because, I think next time I will add blueberries and chocolate chips. It tasted decent, not amazing, but decent.

Give it a try and let me know how it turns out! In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my pizza and hopefully inspire other gluten free peeps to try out the awesome pizza too!

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