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I tried ordering a 25 lb bag of Gluten Free all purpose flour from Bob’s Red Mills and the shipping to Canada is $71!!! Which turns out that it would be around $3 a lb for the flour, that’s a tad expensive in my opinion. I am very saddened. I have been doing a sufficient amount of gluten free baking lately that I wanted in invest in a large quantity to save my wallet a few dollars. I asked the lady on the phone if it was possible if local natural food stores could order it in, but she explained that it wasn’t possible because most of them won’t carry it because of the shelf life. BUT I ONLY WANT ONE BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries*

Well, life must go on. Their small bags are $7 !!!#$$#@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought one just to try it out, good grief. It wasn’t any different in texture from the bulk barn mix so I think I will stick to bulk barn.

I made gluten free zucchini muffins  yesterday, they were DELICIOUS!! I am very sad to say I don’t have any pictures. Mostly because I didn’t really think of it.. and well, I’m lame. I’m sorry, I should have taken a picture. I used @Stephanie Tucci’s recipe for pumpkin muffins and I exchanged the pumpkin puree for zucchini = amazing goodness! Paul is obessed with them, you can’t even tell they are gluten free.

Gluten free baking for the win!!! Zucchini’s rule.

This is going to be a short post. I apologize for not posting on Thursday and Friday last week. I was toast, and so was my brain, it was very difficult for me to get through the each of those days. I barely had energy to sit at my chair at work less type up a couple paragraphs!

Going to try getting this week off to a good start. It’s a busy week, my birthday is on Thursday! Having a family dinner, dairy free gluten free cheesecake, HELLO, and also chicken cordon bleu for a main meal *drooling already* I also have a wedding to go to on Saturday (hello more food!) Food is going to be awesome this week. Being pregnant that’s really all I think about.

Then it’s the LONG WEEKEND!!! Is it here yet? I just need to get through this week. Just need to get through this week.