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37 weeks

*hangs head in shame* I’ve been neglecting my blog, I am sorry to all those who were previously enjoying reading my posts!! I’ve had a few people lately mention my blog so I figured since I am now off work, I would start up posting since I have more time… well, until the baby is born at least and then we will see how often I can update!

I am currently 37 weeks along in my pregnancy and I am ashamed to say that I have gained more weight (wayyy moooore) than I am “supposed” to or would have liked to. When looking back I was doing good in the 2nd trimester for weight, and then towards the end (so around Christmas) my energy took a HUGE dip, and well because it was Christmas, I definitely gained quite a bit, which at the time I didn’t really think about. I mean, I wasn’t weighing myself at home because that’s terrifying and I honestly didn’t want to get stuck on a number (I’ve had issues with that in the past). And now I am dealing with the consequences.

I have a ton of stretch marks, which I think have been more numerous due to my extra weight gain (but hey, some women just get a ton anyways, we are the chosen ones?), and my legs are SOO huge it’s unreal, I don’t even like touching my knees because I feel the fat around them. Paul says I’m too negative and I shouldn’t be thinking about that. I mean, my blood pressure has stayed normal: 110/60, and I haven’t developed gestational diabetes or anything like that. I have had zero complications during this pregnancy, no major side effects like puking or anything, so what do I have to complain about? Baby is perfectly healthy so really I guess I’m just being selfish. *slap’s wrist*

On another note, post baby training is looming ahead of me (in a good way!) When the doctor weighed me last week I almost had a meltdown and changed the way I was eating, I became much more strict with myself (no, I’m not starving my baby), and started to think a bit more (even though I’ve already thought about my training after baby very thoroughly!) about how and what I am going to be able to do and how soon after etc. etc.

I can’t really predict when I’m going to be able to start training, I’d like to be able to start a week after, it really depends on whether I have a natural vaginal delivery or a c-section, if baby is all healthy and I do have a natural delivery then I plan on starting roughly a week after. I know, I know, the medical profession says you can’t or should not exercise after giving birth for 4-6 weeks after the baby is born, but um…. walking? Pelvic floor exercises? Very light light weights, I mean, the baby weighs a good amount of pounds, how about some endurance reps with light weight? Coming from a somewhat trained body, and just in this last trimester not being able to lift weights has been KILLING MEEEE!!!!!!

So, needless to say, at this point, I want the baby out of me so I can go for a jog, right now I would  jog, except I’m pretty sure my hips would seize up and then my pelvis wouldn’t be as open to deliver the baby, so that would be a stupid decision. However, that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it about 3 times a day. I’m the type of person who gets VERY claustrophobic when I get overweight, I have been really good up until this point of not really worrying about it, but now I’m cracking that whip on myself, once this baby is here, every time I look in that mirror, I’m gonna tackle my ass like there’s no tomorrow, Deadlifts, lunges and squats and I are gonna be SO tight you won’t hear me talk about anything else!

This my friends, is my weapon of choice after the baby is born. I haven’t gotten it yet due to tight finances, but trust me, in the next few weeks I’m sure I’ll have a picture of it up on my blog about how excited I am that I have it!!

I have chosen the TRX because I know for the first 4-6 weeks post postpartum I will not want to leave my baby’s side, which means working out at home to amuse my baby. Not only that but I am gonna attack my core like no tomorrow because that is the most abused part of my body going through pregnancy. In addition to that, I have had previous back issues and I do not want to let them get a hold of me or get worse as a result of pregnancy. The TRX is perfect for the core, it utilizes it in Every.Single.Exercise. Shazamm!!!! It’s gonna be hard at the beginning, and I know I am going to compare my lack of strength to the strength I had pre pregnancy, but thank goodness for MUSCLE MEMORY!! Whew. Just typing all of this up is making me ridiculously excited.

I am going to be working on my resume this week because also after 6 weeks post postpartum I am volunteering at the closest Goodlife to teach spin classes (1x/week) cause I want to keep myself liable and um, I need more experience teaching spin, I love spin to death, it’s really a shame, I get way too excited teaching the classes, already I’m putting music together thinking it would be great for x y z  exercise on the bike. WHEEE!! So hopefully they won’t say no to a volunteer crazy enthused postpartum spin instructor mummy?!

Spring is also upon arrival, which is giving me CRAZY excitement to workout, my husband is also crazy excited because he hates working out at a gym (how weird is that? I LOVE gyms!) so he’s excited to workout with me at home, he’s excited to learn from me, so that’s great! He will also keep me liable because he’s gonna want to learn and get rid of his pregnancy flab (I call it that because he’s gained a bit of weight while I’ve been pregnant too! LOL, stupid cravings).

I mean, even if it does rain half the spring time, I’m loading up on those rain covers for strollers cause I have a rain suit, and yeah, the baby is coming with me outside in the rain, for a walk or a jog.

Regarding nutrition, I had forgotten I had mentioned nutrition above and that I had recently changed the way I was eating. Well, I’ve cut out peanut butter (which I was not eating a whole lot of before but probably more than i should), switched to almond butter, or I’m going to make my own chia butter soon. I’ve also cut out butter (was having that kind of regularly on bread and such). Cut out baking fun gluten free goods: chocolate banana chunk muffins with peanut butter icing?!! Who does that!?! Me… d’oh, amongst other things like carrot cake, gluten free biscuits, chocolate cake, blah blah. Things I shouldn’t be eating, well no more am I making them. I’m glad I had the experience so now when company does come over I know I can make them, but yeah, not helpful to my waistline pregnant or not pregnant.

I’ve incorporated a spinach smoothie into my regular daily intake of vegetables, it’s so easy and so flipping yummy I don’t know why I didn’t take it earlier. I’ve also been eating a salad as one of my main meals, with some protein and fibre (flax, or brown rice or quinoa), makes me feel psychologically better about myself. In my other main meals I’ve downsized my portion of starchy carbs I’ve been eating to roughly 1/4 cup and the rest is vegetables and protein.

For snacks I’ve been having a fibre (buckwheat bread or gluten free cereal) mixed with a protein (goat yogurt or tofu mousse) and some fruit. I’ve also been limiting the amount of fruit I’m eating, just because fruit has a higher glycemic index and right now I’m trying to regulate my blood sugar as much as possible. I am thinking of possibly getting some protein this week so I can incorporate those into my yogurts and mousse because right now… I’m STILL not getting enough protein (crazy) as my baby is getting to the final stages of entrance into the world. And also because eating so many times through the day is really really hard and I’m running out of ideas so I want items that hold me a bit better. I’m used to eating roughly 5-6 times, but lately it’s been 7-8-9 and looking at my food journal kills me to see that I’ve been eating so much!

Oh, yeah, food journal, EXCELLENT way of keeping track of your eating, it’s helped me huge to see how many vegetables I’ve been having and how many servings of what I call “sugar” so I don’t eat to much of that awful addicting stuff, and also my starchy carbs. It also helps me see how much water I have taken in, whether i need to take in more, etc.

I’ve been writing this post for over an hour, I think I will stop. I mean I can’t share all the goodness all at once?!!  Tomorrow I will talk more about… my periodized plan for postpartum training!!

Have a good day everyone while I go outside and try to walk for a decent amount of time: aka waddle around till my hips and bladder can no longer handle it.

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Nutrition efficiency

When people talk to me about weight loss, I usually always bring up their current food menu and how often they eat, what they had for breakfast etc. Usually I try to hold my looks to myself, sometimes they slip out and they admit right away that they don’t eat as well as they should or don’t take enough time to prepare their meals.

Nutrition is key to survival, to performing your best on a daily basis. People tend to forget this, that’s okay, we all get busy with our own lives and forget the absolute essentials that keep us going. To catch yourself on some bad habits I’d start with asking yourself:

  1. What did I eat today? What did I eat yesterday? Start a food journal.
  2. How often have I eaten today? Did I have a good breakfast?
  3. How many vegetables have I eaten? Or any at all?
  4. How much sugar have I had lately? Pop included.
  5. How much have I eaten out? Tim Hortons, Starbucks, restaurants etc.
  6. Have I been craving a lot lately, not enough energy? Feeling bloated, bowels not moving properly etc?
  7. How much water have I had?

It’s very easy to forget about the way your body feels and this is extremely important! I am very aware of my stomach, I’m not sure why, but that’s just the way I’ve been since I lost weight when I was 16. My stomach(before pregnancy) expands and decreases a lot depending on the time of day and the food that I’ve eaten. It was rather frustrating but after i learned that I could control it through eating, I think my stomach was happier and overall I felt better.  

Learn about the glycemic index, it’s a very useful tool to better your energy levels through food. It teaches you what foods are more nutritious than others. You can’t eat pineapple 3x a day every day because there’s simply too much sugar in it. Whole wheat whole grain bread from the grocery store isn’t at nutritious as making your own, you know what you put into your bread. Why does their whole wheat bread stay fluffy? Real whole wheat bread is very dense. ??

A calorie isn’t just a calorie, just because it’s low fat doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you. How much sugar is in low fat items?

The key is to evaluate your foods very closely, lean proteins, low glycemic carbs, authentic whole grains, vegetables, lots of vegetables, legumes. Stay away from artificial ingredients as much as possible, artificial flavours, read the ingredients on everything you buy, if the first ingredient is sugar, always put it back on the shelf! Unless of course it’s sugar for baking that you’re buying. 😛

Book an appointment with a nutritionist. Focus on your foods, set time aside for food preparation, this is essential to a successful permanent diet. Always shop after you eat, and always prepare at the same times during the week. Plan your meals ahead of time. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, don’t pick unrealistic meals for yourself, legumes are cheap and are incredibly rich for you. Beans, beans, beans. Keep your eyes on the sales. It’s a little bit of work but it definitely pays off.

Take care of your body!