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One day at a time, one meal at a time, one step at a time

Lately with this new going to the gym etc, it’s hard to be patient. It’s hard to wait for results, but honestly, is it really worth sweating and getting unhappy about it?
I’m pretty flipping lucky. God has blessed me with an amazing husband, an amazing son, and overall an amazing life. This weight loss journey I’m at now is completely different than what it was when I was overweight in highschool, back then I just wanted guys to like me. Now I’m doing this for me. Well, not entirely true, I’m doing it for myself AND my family, because as the cook of the house, my family basically relies on me to keep their tummies happy and also make sure that their tummies are getting GOOD nutrients, not crap food.

When I step into the gym now, I couldn’t give a rats ass what somone thinks of me, or my body, or my hair, or the fact I don’t have any makeup on, because IT DOESN’T MATTER. I’m here for one thing, and that is to make myself more fit, and more healthy. Sure I’m the only girl in the weight room, ALWAYS. I’m surrounded by meatheads, yah I’m a little plump and I don’t push as much weight as I used to, but I. don’t. care. When I’m at the gym, I think


One step closer to my goal. When I get home, it transfers over to what I eat. After I’m doing eating, I think

I’m TWO steps closer!

Don’t make the mistake of being one those people that after the gym are like: “yah I’m going to go to starbucks and have 500 calories in a drink with 30 grams of sugar! yayyyy treat!!!” because you are just screwing yourself over. Talk about cheating on yourself!

Do the research, eat the right things, be HEALTHY. Make it a lifestyle choice and don’t cheat on yourself. Push yourself to your limits, even if you’re tired after 5 hours of sleep, maybe go and just do some light cardio at the gym. Remember, you won’t be a step closer if you take a step in the wrong direction. Sure there will be days when you can’t make it to the gym and the only thing you can do is go for a walk outside, but eat healthy and don’t let yourself fall behind.

Having a cheat meal once a week is okay – but leave it at that. Look forward to it, then keep yourself focused on your goal. Focus on being focused. 🙂

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Have a great Saturday and MAKE IT COUNT! 🙂 I know I’ll be heading to the gym tonight! 🙂

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Plateauing and how to deal with it

There are may reasons why someone would plateau in life, fitness, health, food, dieting. Plateauing SUCKS, but I think the key to it is to keep your head up in the game no matter what. Stay positive and whatever effort you do put into your goal is better than just giving up.

The past two weeks in my household has been ridiculous. First it was Richard teething, for 3 days we didn’t really get much sleep, at the end of it my husband got really sick, so much that he fainted and couldn’t really move due to his achy joints. That was hard on me, taking care of my son and also cooking and making sure my husband was taken care of. Then when my husband got better, I got sick – even worse than my husband! Achy joints, the most sore throat I’ve had since I had tonsilitis when I was 7, extreme exhaustion, light headedness: basically major suckage. I could barely even breastfeed my son that’s how exhausted I was.

Needless to say, because of all of this, the workouts were put on hold because I could barely even go to the bathroom. OH, I just remember, and right before I got sick I went running in my vibram five fingers for the first time (I ran for 12 mins LOL) and I couldn’t walk for 2 days because my calves were so sore, BUT, I knew what I was getting into so I was expecting it. Did I feel bad that I wasn’t able to work out? Yeah, did I beat myself up over it? No, what good does that do, I CLEARLY wasn’t able to workout, the only thing I made sure that I kept on top of was my eating, and even that was difficult with a sore throat.

With my eating somewhat on track, I still lost weight which is awesomeee!! It really showed me that even if I can’t at times workout, it’s important that I keep other things in my life in order which was eating. When you are properly nourished it makes a world of difference! My husband and I are still recovering, we are still rather tired, but I had to get my workouts back in so today I started with legs, and normally I hit them pretty hard, but I realized that I can’t just jump right back into it after 1.5 weeks off, so I took it easy and I was exhausted by the end! I barely finished, but what matters is that I got it done and I didn’t over do it. What’s the point of overdoing it if I can’t even function tomorrow? I’d rather take it easy in my workout today, and be able to do a little workout tomorrow.

With this intruded time off, I have also realized that my whole entire schedule revolves around working out. When I wasn’t sick, or still recovering, I couldn’t even clean because my “groove” was gone. Normally when I work out I clean in between sets, I put dishes away, pick up random things here and there and then after my workout I get to my check list and clean a few more things! I also eat much better when I work out. So for me, my workouts keep me grounded and focused, they clear my head and give me motivation to stay on top of the other things in my life!

What does working out do for you? Maybe try this out and see how it effects you? Don’t take being healthy for granted! Accomplish what you can and be grateful for being able to function properly.




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How to manage your time/fitness in a jammed day.

I would have this argument with other friends while I was in college. They would always say that they

were wayyy too busy to work out.

If I could get .25 cents for every time I heard that, I would be SO rich! Really, it’s all about time management, priorities.

The question is, what is important to you? A lot of people think fitness is just something for the rich people because they’re the ones who have money to go to the gym, they have the 9-5 job, head to the gym on the way home from work. Or other people just think it’s a waste of time really.

How can it be a waste of time? When you are working out, whether it’s at the gym or at home, you’re oiling your machine (your body) making it more efficient which thus allows you to live your life better. How is that a waste of time?

Now, how can you get from point A: I don’t have time – point B: I can fit this into my day and make it part of my routine.

It’s all about perspective people! Really think about your priorities, most people get an increase in energy after they workout, they sleep better, they function overall better, reduces stress from their lives amongst a million other positive benefits. Now what about the benefits of that tv show you have to watch at a certain time every day, are they more positive than working out?

I love sleeping my 10 hours a night. Welll….unless you pulled an all- nighter the night before, you could have used those extra 2 hours to workout in the morning. I know a lot of people have this major head block   that just sets of sirens when the idea of working out in the morning is suggested to them. If you “feel” more tired when you wake up, it’s most likely because you’re not taking care of your body, not eating a regular schedule, eating high glycemic meals which is exhausting for the body! Not drinking enough water, going to bed at ridiculous hours every night and constantly changing it. Set a regular sleeping schedule and stick to it, even if you get up feeling slightly tired in the morning after having a good night’s sleep, hop to it! You’ll most likely feel more alive after you’ve worked out. Sure, have a coffee, but don’t live off of it for energy.

Set aside some time of the day, in the evening, or on a break at work to map out your week’s schedule. See where you can squeeze in time for fitness, this is taking care of yourself! Lunch break? Before work, in between  jobs? Skip the tv, add a workout in there. Do your workout at home, get your kids involved!

Set goals.

Goals are crucial to your exercise routine, they keep you on track, they keep you coming to the gym and they keep you motivated. Set real goals, not unrealistic goals. Get some help and advice from someone! Make it real.

A routine is excellent, but also be aware that sometimes if your schedule changes, that routine can get thrown out the window so be open to new ideas: working out at different times of the day, make sure you have fitness as priority. That is the key. Don’t get all ocd about it, but don’t get slack either. 3-4x a week, work it out in your life and then work out!

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