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New motivation and new recipes

I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon because my business and my son have been keeping me ridiculously busy. Yet, as of late i have had some people asking me about my blog so I have come back! It’s great that people ask me about my blog, it makes me feel good because I know I’m helping people and they learn and appreciate the info I put on here.
Regarding my weight loss journey, it’s still going! I hit bottom about 2 months ago, I just stopped losing, had no motivation for working out in the house anymore. I tried p90x but it wasn’t working for me, I just didn’t enjoy it really (what’s the point of doing something if you don’t enjoy it?) and I was unhappy. Even though my business was really taking off I wasn’t happy at the weight I was currently at. Right now I’m hovering around 187-186. (When I gave birth I was 246) and my regular pre pregnancy weight is 165, so I’m suuuuper close to my goal! 1st part of my goal was to be at 179-175 by Christmas time, I still think I can make it because:


Yes, I did, I went last week just to inquire, I figured “what the hell, information can’t hurt”. When I walked in, they have a DAYCARE!! hellls yes, they had a daycare so mommies could workout. I got so wicked excited. Their monthly payment I could afford, AND I didn’t have any cancellation fees (so no worrying bout that when I have to go back to work). I was PUMPED, so I talked to the hubby about it and BOMB, I have been going regularly 4x/week with doing some pilates at home in between (or trying to at least).

Since I have joined the gym, I am SO much more relaxed, I have my time to go to the gym, I don’t worry about my weight, I’m confident even though I’m still rather plump, hey, someone’s gotta start somewhere right? I’m much weaker than I used to be but it takes time and as long as I’m putting my effort in when I go that’s all that matters. My eating is much more on track as well, I can’t just skip meals when I want to, (because that’s what I was doing beforehand when I wasn’t working out regularly.) I also have more energy and I feel overall much more confident about my body and also about my weight loss.

My eating has been really good (other than occasionally skipping meals *slaps wrist*) and I am booking an appointment to meet with a Holistic Nutritionist in the near future! I will keep you updated on that, because that’s going to be awesome.

I’m excited for my next set of measurements because now that I’m REGULARLY weight training, they are going to be changing a lot faster  for the better! I’ll be taking them next Sat! 🙂

On another note, Christmas is next month (ah!!) and I’ve been really busy knitting, but I wanted to share with you some of the items I’ve been making and maybe check them out on my shop and see if you need some lovely hand knit Christmas gifts under your tree this year?

I know I’m weird, I love to knit but I’m also addicted to the gym. Hey! A person is allowed to be weird. :p

That’s just a sneak peak, to see all the new stuff go to my shop here:

Fleecy knits

Now for some recipes, I have found this FANTASTIC page on facebook that posts holistic recipes for REAL food. Most items are gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, soy free and refined sugar free. I mean, how much more could you ask for in life?! You can find the page here: Just Eat Real Food

Lately I had made this breakfast bread that I found on their page. I made it and my husband ate it up in pretty much one sitting so I had to go and make another one. It’s EASIER than pie, and very healthy, so go make some up for yourself now! Paleo Breakfast Bread

Last night I made this double fudge: It’s VERY rich, though it’s mostly just coconut oil and almond butter, but I can’t have more than 1 piece a day because of how rich it is. If you like fudge, this is definitely for you! Paleo Double Layer Fudge

Now I’m not Paleo, but I LOVE all the paleo recipes! They are so fantastic, if you think you can do Paleo, I say go for it! 🙂

Until next time – train and eat and knit happy!

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Life’s hard work and how to face it

When you become a parent, you realize how easy your life was before you had kids. Even in college life was easier (and I went through a hell program, literally), I could sleep in on the weekends, sure I had to study and maybe I had to work, but I could do things independently. (I’m not complaining here, I’m just stating some facts)
Now that I’m married and have a son, I think back to all the things I could have accomplished while single but never did because I didn’t think I could or because I didn’t have the time. How wrong was I! I thought eating healthier wasn’t possible because I was already eating healthy, I thought that I couldn’t lose more weight or get more toned, that I had just plateaued. Boy oh boy, have I surprised myself now! Now that Richard (my son) is born, I have more motivation, more determination and more desire to improve my life, to better myself. I eat cleaner than I thought was ever possible, I push through my workouts like I have never before and somehow I manage to have a hobby of organizing things even with a newborn around? Who thought this was possible?!! It’s amazing, really.

Not exactly what I wanted to say but now I will continue.

Through my facebook and other groups that I like, I see women (especially) who strive to make their bodies look a certain way, which is awesome and props from me! Yet at times I wonder how they can get to a certain age (30’s, 40’s) and not have the desire, or put their desire to have a family below their desire to achieve new things  in the way they look. I feel sorry for them, mainly because how your body looks doesn’t last. Sure you can look ripped at 70, but when you get to that age, is that what you will be grateful for? What have you left behind, do you have children or grandchildren you can enjoy your healthy age with?

I see women who are young, (20’s) that achieve these same body looks (ripped) yet what happens to them once they hit a bump in the road? Real life stresses, like relationships, marriage, pregnancy? How do you keep your healthy life on track with all of these? How do you balance finances, housing, food, loans, sickness and still keep your head up when all of these happen? I can definitely say that that ripped body isn’t going to be there throughout all of that and hopefully depression won’t ensue as a result.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if your goal is to “eat clean”(extreme dieting) and follow a regimented schedule for your ripped body 24/7 and that is your goal for the rest of your life, I hate to break it to you, but that is not living and not even possible (long term.) Having a healthy body is key, and essential to enjoying your life, but tipping the scale so far in the other direction isn’t good. I’ve seen “success” stories of mothers that have had 2 kids, gained lots of weight during pregnancy, lose the weight then go on to be do figure competitions and end up becoming a figure model. Sure, that’s fine, but is that realistic? I definitely would not want to have that lifestyle especially for my kids, I don’t want them growing up thinking that in order to have a healthy lifestyle you have to be ripped. Um, no. Sure is being toned a cherry on top? yeah! By all means, that’s my goal now but I realize that once I get pregnant again I won’t look like that, now I’m not saying one has to get fat when pregnant but keep the balance people! Just like pregnancy is not an excuse to go out and eat whatever the flip you want.

I think as mothers, we have it all. People think our lives have ended because we have chosen to give birth and procreate, but how wrong are they! Since I have become a mother I have learned that I have a will power which I never knew existed before. We have the ability to challenge ourselves in ways that other people do not, but we also have our own little cheerleaders: our children. We have the challenge to work around how many different schedules, to tackle sickness in the house and still keep everyone’s heads up. We have laundry to do, souls and personalities to build yet while at the same time taking care of ourselves, our health, the health of our family. We are a rock in which we must water, to grow and grow. The longer you are a mother, the more of a winner you are in my opinion. Our role in life is so unique and so amazing, to be able to inspire our children through our lifestyles, through our desire to be healthy, to be spiritual and to be good. Our children see this, and it is so important!

My message to all mums out there: Take care of yourself, because your kids will one day look back and say” How on earth did she do that?!And still take care of all of us?” You will be the champion and you will be grateful for it! We have the upper hand in my opinion, and how awesome is that!

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Plateauing and how to deal with it

There are may reasons why someone would plateau in life, fitness, health, food, dieting. Plateauing SUCKS, but I think the key to it is to keep your head up in the game no matter what. Stay positive and whatever effort you do put into your goal is better than just giving up.

The past two weeks in my household has been ridiculous. First it was Richard teething, for 3 days we didn’t really get much sleep, at the end of it my husband got really sick, so much that he fainted and couldn’t really move due to his achy joints. That was hard on me, taking care of my son and also cooking and making sure my husband was taken care of. Then when my husband got better, I got sick – even worse than my husband! Achy joints, the most sore throat I’ve had since I had tonsilitis when I was 7, extreme exhaustion, light headedness: basically major suckage. I could barely even breastfeed my son that’s how exhausted I was.

Needless to say, because of all of this, the workouts were put on hold because I could barely even go to the bathroom. OH, I just remember, and right before I got sick I went running in my vibram five fingers for the first time (I ran for 12 mins LOL) and I couldn’t walk for 2 days because my calves were so sore, BUT, I knew what I was getting into so I was expecting it. Did I feel bad that I wasn’t able to work out? Yeah, did I beat myself up over it? No, what good does that do, I CLEARLY wasn’t able to workout, the only thing I made sure that I kept on top of was my eating, and even that was difficult with a sore throat.

With my eating somewhat on track, I still lost weight which is awesomeee!! It really showed me that even if I can’t at times workout, it’s important that I keep other things in my life in order which was eating. When you are properly nourished it makes a world of difference! My husband and I are still recovering, we are still rather tired, but I had to get my workouts back in so today I started with legs, and normally I hit them pretty hard, but I realized that I can’t just jump right back into it after 1.5 weeks off, so I took it easy and I was exhausted by the end! I barely finished, but what matters is that I got it done and I didn’t over do it. What’s the point of overdoing it if I can’t even function tomorrow? I’d rather take it easy in my workout today, and be able to do a little workout tomorrow.

With this intruded time off, I have also realized that my whole entire schedule revolves around working out. When I wasn’t sick, or still recovering, I couldn’t even clean because my “groove” was gone. Normally when I work out I clean in between sets, I put dishes away, pick up random things here and there and then after my workout I get to my check list and clean a few more things! I also eat much better when I work out. So for me, my workouts keep me grounded and focused, they clear my head and give me motivation to stay on top of the other things in my life!

What does working out do for you? Maybe try this out and see how it effects you? Don’t take being healthy for granted! Accomplish what you can and be grateful for being able to function properly.




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Post baby weight loss (or anyone who wants to lose serious weight)

This post is going to be long, and informative, just a heads up, maybe bookmark it for future reference? There isn’t as much detail as I would like to get in it but when you have a newborn, some things have to get cut short! I might do a part 2 later on in the week so stay tuned!

I’m going to get down to the nitty gritty about losing weight after having a baby, because so many mums struggle with this, but this is also about other people who have trouble losing weight and need/want to lose a large amount.


1. Set a goal, know what your healthy body weight should be, if you don’t, figure it out, go see a physician, look it up on the internet and set yourself a timeline, now if you need to lose a 100 lbs, at approx 1-2 lb loss a week, it’s going to take you over a year. Healthy weight loss is 1-1.5 lbs a week, 2 weeks at MOST. More than this your risk of gaining weight in return is very high, so don’t rush it (haha I keep telling myself this)

2. Re-orient your life, this is a LIFESTYLE, if you are not ready for it, then you are not serious or ready about losing weight, this is permanent and if you aren’t comfortable with that then say goodbye to being healthy! You will have to make changes and adjustments and sacrifices. If you have kids already, you will have to use your imagination to make it work, if you have 1 child, well you have it pretty easy and if you don’t have kids, holy get your ass in gear cause you have all the time in the world! Though, from my experience, it’s actually easier to workout with kids because when you’re tight on time you don’t think about not working out (because you don’t have the time) you just do it and move on to the next thing!

3. Food. It was a mix up as to whether to put this as number 1, but 3 is close enough. You MUST must must must must must adjust the way you eat, and not only you if you have a family. It must be a change for the WHOLE family otherwise it will not work, if your kids are young, you are better off, if they aren’t…it’s going to be a challenge (they are already used to a way of eating and they are probably not going to like the changes you will make). If you aren’t supposed to eat a food (dieting) then guess what, your kids aren’t supposed to be eating it either!!

I’m not a nutritionist yet but I can provide some simple guidelines for you to follow. Straight up – if you want to lose weight: go gluten and dairy free. Sure that might sound like the end of the world but I’m telling you, it works and your body will love you for it. There’s so much crap in wheat these days (because it is so processed) you think you are getting whole grain but your body still hates it. I say dairy because there’s a lot of fat and the cows proteins just don’t get along with the human body. Also, it’s really not that hard, once you psychologically are prepared for it, it’s a lot easier, you have to think that it’s making your body a healthier body and a healthier you, you will have more energy, your brain will function better, your bowels will function better, everything will function better and doesn’t everyone want that?

2-3 days a week where you meal plan and prepare ALL of your food, this is the only way for you to stay on track (esp on days where you need to run errands so you aren’t going out and buying crap food to eat cause you’re randomly hungry). This is also great if you have kids because guess what! Less cooking for you and there’s always food in the fridge for them(the kids) to eat, it’s great. Less stress! Maybe sit down with the family together and brain storm over some meals that you all like, but face it, there will be times when your family won’t enjoy everything that you cook, but TOO BAD! haha, I say that to my husband because it’s healthy and I enjoy it because of that, tastes buds change.

Just because you have to eat healthy doesn’t mean you have to eat veggie sticks 99% of the time, I can provide lots of links where you can learn to prepare healthy meals that taste GOOD, and are not plain, this is another art but it’s a great tool to have! Another reason I post recipes on this blog because a lot of people struggle with preparing healthy food that taste good. I thank God for my mother teaching me how to cook because that’s the only way I’m able to do this!

Every meal should include carbohydrate, protein and fat, in order for your body to work efficiently, this is needed, unless of course it’s a pre workout meal in which case you don’t want to consume a massive amount of protein. Do not over indulge in meat or grains, always try and have more vegetables if possible but don’t just eat vegetables if you are hungry because they won’t hold you over as much as adding a little bit of protein.

The largest meal of the day should be lunch time, and the lightest meal should be supper time. Do not eat 2 hours before going to bed. If you do happen to be super super super super starving before bed have some vegetables or something light in calories but don’t make it a habit! ‘

If you are really struggling with staying on track eating healthy then keep a food journal, it helps you realize how much you are eating, if you are eating too much, etc etc.

Drink water, 2 L/ 8 cups, put a pitcher out on the table or somewhere you pass often and fill with that amount, every time you go by drink a cup and bam, it’s done by around 4 pm! Or fill a 1 L water bottle twice, I prefer the pitcher method, it becomes more of a habit. If you’re on the road = water bottle.

Take greens! You can get the greens powder, it’s amazing, it helps you get in MORE than your daily recommended dose of greens and it has so many nutrients we are talking serious energy here!

Supplements: Fish oil, Vitamin D and probiotics. See naturopath for more info! (they are worth seeing btw, just admit it.)

If all the above is not really sticking with you – see a naturopath.

If I think of more… it’ll have to be in another post.

4. Workout routine. If you are new to working out, it’s all about baby steps but realize that you cannot effectively lose weight and get your body in optimal health without WEIGHTS mixed with cardio. Gosh it annoys the hell out of me that women are like “weights, wtf? EWWW, no  no must go run for 6 hours a week” puhhhlleeeasssee tell me another one. This has been circulating the internet and hopefully women are being converted:


Muscles LOOK BETTER THAN FAT, and you would have to weight train a lot to look like a bulky arnold. That being said, go pick up some weights!

Try to incorporate cardio and weights 3-4x/week.

Invest in a home piece of equipment(Like the TRX) because if you have children, this is the only way you will be able to weight train (unless your hubby looks after the kids in the evening and you go to the gym or classes etc which is a good thing to do once a week to keep your sanity!) Buy some bands, bands rule, they don’t take up any space and they are pretty wicked. If you want to know where to buy some, leave a comment or msg me.

Get your children involved, take them on walks, or hikes, or bike rides or start running with them. Use them as weights!


You don’t have to go out and buy a weight set, get creative and use things around the house, jugs of water etc.

If you have a newborn take the baby with you, utilize one of their naps and go walking or jogging with the stroller!

5. Experiment with what times of the day work best for your schedule, if you are a stay at home mum this is easy for you to do, for those that work it’s either before or after work. Find out which one works for you.

Just like cleaning, working out has got to get done! No question about it, once you get into the routine it’s much easier.

6. Take before and after pictures. This is a great motivator! There’s nothing like seeing how awesome you look and what type of progress you’re making like pictures!! Also, weigh yourself every once in a while, once a month or every two weeks but not too frequently!

Take measurements, this is what you will go by, and how you look in the mirror. I take my measurements every two weeks, but they can be taken every month if that’s how you choose. Bust, hips, waist and legs. If you have large arms take the measurement around your arms if you want.

7. Sit down and talk over all of this with your family (esp hubby or wife) because you must be on the same page, you have to agree that this is going to take time, effort and motivation, if your spouse or significant other isn’t there to motivate you, you can still do it but it will be more difficult!

Remember, this is a lifestyle!


Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!

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The key to motivation is not others

The key to motivation is not others, they can inspire you and give you some motivation but the real stuff comes from you.
I realized this morning how utterly essential it is to be positive towards others in every aspect, partially I was thinking of how I a going to motivate my son and encourage him to give him confidence when he gets over. Yet that method of thinking transfers over everyone.

When was the last time someone outside your family encouraged you about anything on your life? Whether it was about accomplishing something, or getting your education or simply making an effort to eat better or help other people?

I know I haven’t been motivated by others other than my husband(thank God for him), it’s rather depressing when you think about it.


Facebook is a great tool, it’s been said that people who post their weight loss progress on Facebook or twitter are less likely to help keep the weight off. Hopefully people aren’t doing it simply for attention but for health reasons and are simply looking for some credit and some motivation. Though, if you see someone working on some goal on facebook and you havent commented- be sure to comment and say some kind encouraging words. It goes a long way!

Some people dont comment because it’s easy to get jealous when you see a friends progress, but is that because you’re lazy or you just need that person to motivate you because YOU can do it.

It’s been 3 months since I’ve given birth to my son, I’ve lost almost 50 lbs and only my dad and my husband have commented on it. Sure it’s no big deal is it? I’ve only been working my ass off and changed my eating- but no one encourages me? Thank goodness I have enough motivation to keep myself going or I’d be screwed. Point of the matter is- find your own motivation because it doesn’t come from others, if you’re lucky enough to get motivation from others: consider it a cherry on top. 😉

Slight change of subject- I’ve been training with the trx as I can’t go to the gym at the moment(a breast feeding mothers challenge!) and I found some new great exercises this morning on YouTube that I wanted to share:

TRX lower body exercises

If you thought that doing a bridge on a Swiss ball was hard, think again. My hamstrings were seizing up the second I started it, mind you I’m a bit more out of shape than normal. It’s a great add to your leg day. If you can get your hands on a TRX at a gym- give it a try!


Until next time- motivate yourself and happy working out! 🙂

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Motivation in the country with no gym?

This is a problem I may be encountering in the future. I may be moving outside the city where the closest gym is about 30 km away and I will have no car and to bike that with a baby…might as well be the workout itself!

I was spending a lot of time thinking about whether I wanted to make this move or not. I grew up in a small town in the middle of no where, but it was still a town, so you could still walk to the grocery store and go to the gym when it was open (which was only certain very small alloted times during the day), and it was mostly convenient if you didn’t have a car. I had a bike so it wasn’t really a big deal. However, that’s much different than actually living far from… anything, the closest Superstore is where the closest gym is, and so are any other errand necessity places. How does this tie in with my motivation?

I’ve never had the motivation to work out at home, I hate working out at home, first off I usually can never get the motivation to do so, second of all there’s no iron around to inspire me to pick it up, no other people there to help you get into the zone.

I can’t run much because of my constant knee problems and also: I don’t have money to go see an osteopath to get the problem sorted out, what am I going to do in the winter time: snow, cardio? The place I’d be moving into doesn’t have high enough ceiling to skip and purchasing a spin bike for indoors…well space is limited and that’s a bit more than I’d want to spend though not totally out of the question. How do I keep myself motivated to workout 3-4x/week?

These are the ideas I have so far for motivating myself in terms of making my fitness goals realistic:

– Figure out to see an osteopath to get back into running, we will be living by the water and there won’t be as much pavement so I could always try, I’m sure I could find a neighbour who is into running and needs just as much motivation as I do. Either that or cycling, there’s lots of hills, cycling to and from peggys cove when the weather permits could always be a fun ride!

– Definitely buying a TRX, those things are amazing and they don’t require an insane amount of space. In terms of using it.. I’m definitely going to have to have inspiring images around me to make sure that I keep focused and set aside a time, perhaps with Paul so that we both can motivate each other.

– When I come into the city on the weekends, make sure I lift weights both days and then perhaps during the week I can make it in once to do that extra weight workout.

– Volunteering at the gym in the evenings( when the car would be available to me) to teach a class like spin or do a more weight lifting like class like bodypump (nearest gym is a goodlife) so that it helps me keep tabs on myself and forces me to maintain.

– Who knows, I could probably easily start up a bootcamp out that way, in a rather semi deserted area like that I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d be starving for motivation, so why not give others the opportunity to workout? I’d have to buy some extra insurance but that’s not a big deal.

Is anyone else in this same position? Any ideas, tips or comments you’d like to share? I’d like to hear what other people think. 🙂

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First off, I apologize for only posting once last week. My work schedule was RIDICULOUS, I was so busy and then came home, made food, cleaned up, barely had time to relax and it was off to bed again  (trying to get to bed earlier these days). So I am sincerely sorry! My schedule has opened up a bit so I try to be more on track!

My coworker (bless her heart!) sent me this very interesting inspirational article about this mother who was scared she would never lose her baby fat once becoming pregnant and would also never get rid of her stretch marks. I highly suggest reading the article: Inspirational Interview

The gist of the story is, is that this woman Amanda, before becoming pregnant competed in figure competitions, so she challenged herself once pregnant to maintain some fitness and also watch her eating. What I found interesting was a: she used almond oil on her skin religiously to prevent stretch marks, I might get me some of that this week! Also b: she maintained a workout regime of at least 5 times a week, 3 including weights. *Smack!* to myself because that was my goal, to NOT lose the weights and it’s the one thing that I’ve been fighting with since I’ve been pregnant.

I’ve said it to other people, that the thing I despise most about “advertising” in the fitness industry is yourself, posting your workouts, and kinda puffing up your ergo. It turns most people away and you get funny looks, unless you’re doing it humbly really. But I realized the other day I have to make myself accountable for my workouts, and so I am going to do that through my blog. I am going to post my workouts, as well as what I eat. One thing I’ve wanted to do for a while is keep a food journal, again, a lack of motivation had prevented me from doing so, but in order to really maintain and appropriate my weight for the next 2 trimesters, I think this is the key. Knowing what I eat, and making sure I am not consuming more than an extra 500 calories a day in a good caloric form.

Keeping a food journal is an experience that everyone should try out if you haven’t done so before. It brings to light how much more/not enough that you are eating and what types of foods you are eating etc. It’s a great tool really! It’ll be neat to compare my eating habits during pregnancy compared to those afterwards.

I am finding that into this pregnancy the more crucial is it for me to exercise, if i don’t exercise I don’t sleep, it’s much more relevant than it has ever been for me. Finding that right zone and maintaining my form and my knowledge in the weight room is crucial for me. If you don’t use it, you lose it! Pregnancy is definitely no excuse to stay away from the weights.

Stay tuned, if anyone has any requests for topics for me to write about, please let me know! I occasionally get writers block, more often than not. =)

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