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Want a personal trainer? Do your research!

Everyone wants a personal trainer, they think that they are the answer to their problem of losing weight, becoming a superman/woman.

What you need to know about acquiring a good personal trainer if you want one, just so that you aren’t paying money for an airhead.

Personal Trainer’s background

Their background can make all the difference in the world. Can fit pro certification: well, don’t judge a book by its cover, but don’t get your hopes  up either. You’ll get results most likely, but how efficiently and effectively and safely for your body? (I still have a question mark in my head). Kinesiology background? looking at a little more effective approach, they definitely know what they are doing, may not have the greatest hands on experience in the world, but depending on the person, you may have your winner! Practical 2-4 year program that is designed specifically for practical/theoretical fitness that certifies you in the end with a national personal trainer certification amongst other certs. These people probably have the best basis for going into be a personal trainer, at the beginning they might think they know it all, but after a few years of being in the business, they are smart cookies! I would put them on the same level with some kinesiologists, it’s really finding the right catch. Those who are NSCA personal trainer certified, hook me up! They are strength specific certified, so if you’re looking for strength building, work your way over to that area.

Basically, watch out for the weekend course certs, you can’t learn everything about the human body in a weekend or even 2 weeks. Those who have more education definitely have a better idea of what they’re doing. So this would be my rule if you’re looking for a personal trainer.

Where you get the personal trainer

Where you get the personal trainer usually comes with a name, of course Goodlife is the worst place ever to get a personal trainer, I know some trainers that work at Goodlife type gyms that are genius’ and I would love to have them as a trainer! Sometimes the best are at a most common gyms. If that’s all you can afford, hope for the best and hope you have a great trainer. I worked once at Extreme Fitness in Toronto where in the whole building, there was only one other trainer who i wanted to train me, and that was a classmate who graduated a year before me. The “head” trainer there basically drank coffee and checked his phone your whole workout session.

Signs you have a bad trainer and need a new one

  • They get distracted really easily, don’t really look at you when you’re working out
  • Check their phone when you are working out
  • Don’t meet up with you on time
  • Don’t explain exactly what it is that they have designed for you.
  • Drink Coffee or any other drink except water.
  • Stand there looking like this when you’re working out: Against a wall, or sitting on a ball falling asleep

  • Don’t take the time to hear what you have to say, or any questions that you have.

Do your research!

You’re investing a lot of money in your health, you want to make sure that you’re not throwing money at a company that hires awful trainers and therefore are not giving you the results that you need.

I trained an older man once who the first time I met him asked me what my background was and basically quizzed me. I felt mistrusted at the time, but now I am glad he did! He was doing his research and making sure that he wasn’t following some dumb kids “ideas” for a workout. By the end of our sessions, he said he would only come back to me in the future! Then I moved away, oh well! It’s the impact you share on their lives that makes a difference. A good trainer practices active listening, cares in the success of your health, these are virtues that sell, and that will automatically identify a good trainer from a bad trainer.

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