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I am definitely getting lazy about my posts and I really need to stop. I think I’ve been having writers block. Either that or it’s the pregnancy. I’m finding it hard to focus on what I want to write, or I get really distracted…. I’ll try my best today.

Swimming! Swimming is such a great healthy activity, I thought I would promote it. Since I’ve been pregnant swimming has been my best friend. It’s so easy on the body and the joints, it’s friendly and it’s enjoyable! Enjoyable exercise.  You can mix and match it with body weight/core exercises, stretching, sprinting, you can really get an excellent full body workout through swimming. Ever wonder why you’re so hungry after a bout of swimming for an afternoon? You’re utilizing so many more muscles than you do normally, you’re burning energy, it’s excellent! Doesn’t mean that you’re losing fat but you’re definitely expending energy which is a great mix for your workout routine.

If you don’t know regular strokes for lane swimming get in touch with a friend, a local pool that offers swimming lessons. Knowing how to swim is a crucial aspect of our lives, you never know what type of situation you’re going to be thrown in, or where your kids may wander for that matter. My parents put me in swimming lessons when I was about 4-5, I actually remember my first swimming lesson. It was so much fun! It was nice earning the badges and sometimes occasional prizes. I loved excelling at the particular strokes, getting them perfect was so rewarding!

Now my job requires me to be a lifeguard, and I’m telling you am I ever thankful for my parents putting me into those swimming lessons. Swimming to me is now something so easy, it comes second nature. Front crawl, back crawl, side stroke. Being a lifeguard on the pool I notice people’s techniques or lack there of and I am able to help people be more efficient at their swimming to best utilize their energy and increase time.

Last week my coworker put me through a pool circuit which consisted of: Pull ups, squats, pushups, 1 lap of whatever stroke, tread water for 30″, swim back any stroke. Get out of the pool: plank, crunches, back extension then back in the pool for 2 laps of legs only. By the end of round 1 I was toast. Especially being pregnant doing 2 rounds of that workout was a huge achievement for me!

If you’re interested in getting started swimming, go to a pool, try and remember some strokes, google some videos on technique. Ask a friend to come swimming with you. It’s a great workout, good for rest days, it’s easy on your body.

For pregnant women swimming can be a huge asset when it comes to the later trimesters because it reduces swelling in the legs and overall swelling. My sister in law is a massage therapist and she was saying that swimming produces an appropriate force on the lymph nodes to clear and flush them, hence why it reduces the swelling. For all the preggo ladies out there! Get yourself to a pool, or a neighbours pool for that matter!

For those who have had injuries or maybe are  currently injuries, WATER! Water is an amazing rehab tool, there are many techniques that you can do in the water to increase your range of motion without being weight bearing, this is a huge asset to have. If you don’t want to feel like a slug and still want to be fit while still being injured, I’d be making me a pool program! If you ever want any questions or a program for a pool, leave a comment!

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