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T-Tapp and all about it

In this post I am going to cover the T-Tapp Exercise regime in this order:

  1.  What is T- Tapp?
  2. Theresa’s background
  3. Pro’s of T- Tapp
  4. What I got out of it
  5. Con’s of T- Tapp
  6. It’s category in the fitness/workout world
  7. My suggestions

T- Tapp is an exercise regime that was founded by Teresa Tapp and consists of certain exercises that do not use any weights, equipment, jumping or hoping. They are all body weight exercises, similar to that of Yoga or Pilates, Tai Chi, if you are going to compare it. The exercises themselves promote lymphatic drainage, weight loss, and strength building. Theresa promotes her book by “Only workout 15 minutes a day!” You can choose to do a 15 minute workout, which she has laid out, or a 45 minute workout also known more as the bootcamp. The more dress sizes you want to lose, the more exercises you do.

Theresa’s background is interesting, her book has been tossed around all of my coworkers and her background given looks at (don’t judge me!). Her background consists of a Associate’s degree in Science and also a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise physiology. She has worked specifically with cancer patients where she tested her exercises on them. From there she goes to study for her graduate degree and instead is given an offer from the Fashion industry that she couldn’t turn down and ended up working with Supermodels for however many years. She mentions that she designed her program for rehabilitative purposes and my question is, where in her background did she work for at least a year or more with rehabilitative clients other than cancer patients? Cancer is a whole other ballgame when it comes to rehab.

The Good

T-Tapp is amazing for people who have no background in exercise at all. It’s a great start and a huge motivator. You don’t need any equipment and if you’re the type of person who loves to workout at home, let me hand the book to you! It teaches you where the muscles in your body are, and how to work them, it makes a great headway in the central nervous system development! I would definitely recommend this to someone who wants an additional at home workout (in addition to another workout already prescriped to them) Or perhaps just start them off on this and then progress them from there.

If the 45 min workout is your thing, by all means, I’d do that on a day off, not too exhausting but a moderate intensity, get’s the HR up a little bit and you feel like you haven’t sat on your butt on your days off. Or you’re on vacation and you have no equipment.

The Cons

T-Tapp is definitely not the End All, Be All. If you have been doing T-Tapp for the last 3 months, I would suggest you keep it as PART of your program, but it’s time to move on and time to progress into other things. I say this because the body NEEDS change, it needs change because if not, it gets used to what it is doing and it starts to plateau, (greater loss than benefit), so change it up, make T-Tapp into a circuit! Go run aroun the block twice between each exercise.

But, let me dive further into why I say this.

Theresa says that her 15 minute segment is considered aerobic activity. I wore my HR monitor while doing T-Tapp (y0ur HR will vary depending on how tired you are, and how out of shape you are, etc) and my HR stayed at a pretty low intensity while doing the exercises, of course it would go up and down. This is good aerobic activity for those who are out of shape, because the heart is a muscle, and when you don’t exercise it…well… it doesn’t work much so then when it does get used, it has to work harder because it isn’t conditioned: aerobic activity for those who are normally inactive (no exercise). For a fitter individual this is not aerobic activity, aerobic activity is defined by the American College of Sports Medicine as “any activity that uses large muscle groups, can be maintained continuously, and is rhythmic in nature” The key point here is that the heart rate has to be above a resting heart rate and should stay there continuously. When I did t-tapp, some of the exercises were not as intense as others and my HR did drop, 15 minutes is not very continuous. It’s barely enough time for your HR to get up and before you know it, it’s back down again, this is not continuous.

Weight loss: I was discussing the weight loss aspect of this program with my coworker who is studying to be an Osteopath and in many of the “Success stories” those who were severely overweight mostly probably lost Lymphatic fluid and because of their previously sedentary lifestyle most likely lost weight due to the fact that they hadn’t do anything before hand.

Now the success stories who were much much slimmer and didn’t really need to lose much weight in the first place most likely only lost lymphatic fluid and that is what brought their measurements down. There is no proof of this because not enough studies have been done on her exercises as to which one it is, which is a real shame and also proves to me how scientifically “valid” this program is, just throwing that out there as a fitness professional who likes evidence as to why things work the way they do.

Regarding osteoporosis, this can greatly diminish the chances or an already diagnosis of osteoporosis because contracting a muscle when it hasn’t been used as much before gives great benefit to its strength increase, which therefore increases the calcium percentage in the bone. As I mentioned before, plateau does happen, benefits will continue to increase until the body again becomes accustomed to it and it needs more adaptation and change to make continual progress. This is where weight training comes in. Theresa says that no weights are needed, well, I’d agree with that to a certain extent: Sedentary, overweight, elderly, rehab. Sure those are all legit cases where you don’t need weights or resistance training, however, once you get out of that category, you need weights to increase your strength. In order to continue to build up the calcium in your bones, you need to get stronger, the more the muscle strengthens, the more the calcium needs to build up that bone. Weights people, weights.

On another note, you don’t have to change your diet at all in this exercise program. Sure, this isn’t about dieting, that’s great, but I’m one of those sedentary people who eat McDonalds 4 times a week because it’s on the way home from work and it tastes good! Pop is also a regular contributor to my blood sugar spike about 6 days a week and I don’t have to change my eating habits to lose weight. O.M.G!

Considering Theresa comes from a background of Exercise Physiology, and a degree in Science…. okay well maybe I should withdrawal my benefit of the doubt, I don’t know one Medical Doctor that has given anyone a suggestion as to changing their diet and they have 8 years of education (Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they are out there).

Nutrition is a CRUCIAL aspect to having and living a healthy life, ESPECIALLY to those who are sedentary and overweight. I can’t even emphasize the importance of this. I see this as so important that I myself am going to take a Natural Nutrition Course. People can’t lose weight healthily if they do not change their diet. Simple fact. You can lose all the lymphatic fluid you want but that doesn’t mean that as soon as you do, your body is an entirely healthy unit with the snap of your fingers when it’s gone. If you don’t already have a healthy diet (which many people think they do but really they don’t), I would be doing some a researching myself, or contacting a nutritionist, go to a seminar, get some info yo!

Theresa does promote water which is great, and she does give come recommendations towards the end of the book, which somewhat contradicts herself in the beginning of the book. It seems she’s trying to sell the program by not changing your eating, and then once you’re done, oh! Here, let me give you some advice! Which can work for some people, but suggestions should be given at the beginning to. Don’t contradict yourself if what you really want to say is “Eat Healthy, here are some suggestions that will only aid your weight loss in this program.”

What I got out of it

So…. much to your surprise I did the T-Tapping, I had to in order to fully complete my research. I definitely had to drag my ass to get’er done cause let me tell you, to me, it’s like Yoga, you ask me to do  Yoga, and I will find ANY excuse to not do it, I just hate holding the positions! They are boring and awkward and yeah… anyways, I started this one day, and then got bored.. I couldn’t finish cause all I was thinking about was lifting weights, I wanted to do something more intense. However, I figured if it I did it at work I would probably have a more regular schedule, so that’s what I did. In addition to this, I was going to do the exercises for a month to see how they were doing, until I got an inflammed lower back, and I couldn’t even sleep, which led to me getting a back adjustment. T-tapp exercises have you in a hinge position isometrically holding for 15-20 mins. This can definitely strengthen your back, but if your back is really weak or tired after holding this position, take a break. After I had my back adjusted I decided to discontinue doing the exercises. 

The exercises are quite good, I will say I am impressed at how she designed them, I do not find them difficult, they are moderate, I hate doing them because I get bored, I do the 15 minute segment as a warm up before my actual workout because it warms up my muscles, get’s my HR up a little bit. When I’m tired it’s a bit more challenging, I will not argue that it is definitely good for me, it utilizes smaller muscles that I recently have not incorporated into my own workout regime. I am not going to continue t-tapping, I have tried to do the exercises on a daily basis and it isn’t my thing, I have given it a shot and like I said, some days I may incorporate it into my program but it is not a main workout.

I hope I have given some of you a clearer idea of what it is that you are into, if you have any questions, please ask, I did as thorough research as time allowed me to do, and there are I’m sure many other things I could have done but I didn’t want this to take over my life. This is a brief touch down of what I was asked to do. This is my opinion and I hope it sheds some light for those who asked! If you disagree with what I have to say, fine, I  will not argue with you but some people have asked for my opinion and this is it.


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