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Part 2 of post baby weight loss (or general weight loss)

(I was supposed to post this last week, but my parents were up and so things were a lot busier and I didn’t have the time to sit down at the computer and collect my thoughts so I apologize to my readers for that! )

I had mentioned to some people last time that I would make another post to add to the post about weight loss except this time I’m going to focus mostly on the working out aspect of things.

Weight Training and Cardio

These must go together, without having the two of them together you won’t achieve your weight loss goal. Weight training whether it’s going to the gym and using weights or using your own body weight or making your own home made weights: increases the basal metabolic rate of your body. Everyone has a metabolism, every time you do something or you increase your activity, your metabolism goes up (that’s good! You burn more calories this way), yet when you stop doing that activity, depending on the type of activity it is, your metabolism will slow down again (there are exceptions, I will get to that). What weight training does, because it’s using the muscle on your body, and muscle covers mass amounts of your body you are utilizing a great amount of energy which when worked regularly increases the speed of your metabolism when at rest.

The exception to the cardio aspect of the metabolism is that if you do anaerobic activity (little to no oxygen like sprints where you run out of breath really fast), your metabolism goes really high and drops but not as low as had you not exercised, it still is higher at rest. You must do this cardio a few times a week in order to see the benefits of this.

Active Living

There’s a reason why cleaning is considered a workout. I don’t know about you, but I only have a 1 floor 2 bedroom apartment and I struggle to clean it from head to toe, when I do though, I practically consider it part of my workout! All that moving around, sweeping, vacuuming, washing windows, laundry, folding laundry, organizing, moving things around, rearranging. If you look at it as a workout, you’re more likely to get more cleaning done and more active which is a huge bonus! Sure it sucks at times but working out isn’t easy either!

If you have kids, this is excellent because um, kids have tons of energy! Take them out on walks, tire them out, go for mini jogs, play around with them in the yard. This all burns calories too!
Off day

On your days off from your workout schedule, try not to not do anything, do SOMETHING, perhaps make this your cleaning day, go out for a leisure but long bike ride. Go for a hike, try out a pilates session, go for a swim. You don’t want to sit on your butt all day when you could be doing something enjoyable that still burns calories but also not too intense.

Full Body workouts vs. Split workouts

If you are ridiculously busy, consider doing a full body workout. If you have the time, then I suggest splitting them. Full body workouts are difficult to efficient target every aspect of your body because there are lots of exercises and generally you want to exhaust them when working out. Well exhausting your entire body is hard and requires more recovery time. In comparison to split workouts where you can get more for your money in my opinion, you can work a certain aspect of your body more to tone and strengthen that area.

Here are a few examples of a full body workout:

Squats with shoulder press on the up phase. (Legs and shoulders)

Walking lunges with bicep curl (Legs and biceps)

Plank Row (Abs and back)

Bent over row with tricep extension (Back and Triceps)

Bridge on Swiss ball with toe tap (glutes and hamstrings)

Plank (entire Core)


Pushups (Core, chest, triceps)

Reverse pull ups (back, chest, Core depending on what degree of difficulty this is)

Walking squats with medicine ball hold (legs and shoulders)

Pallof Press (Core, little bit of chest and triceps)

Deadlifts (legs, back)

Curl, shoulder press and extension (biceps, shoulders, and triceps all in one movement).
Now, when it comes to weight training, women will want to aim for 10-14 rep range to start off with, 2-3 sets depending on how you feel. By the time you get to to the end of your reps, you should not be able to do any more reps, if you can then you should increase the difficulty of your exercise (or increase the weight)
Now here’s an example of a split workout:

Sunday: cardio, abs

Monday: Legs (5-6 exercises)

Tuesday: Biceps, Triceps, abs, cardio

Wednesday: Off (Pilates etc.) cardio

Thursday: Chest, abs

Friday: Legs, cardio

Saturday: Back, Shoulders, abs cardio

This style of working out is what I use (not necessarily that schedule) but I like to really hit the areas with more focus so I can really tone up that area. Some people don’t believe in working their core separately, if you do heavy lifts (like squats, deadlifts, cleans, snatches) you don’t “need” to work your core but if you are starting out I recommend it.


If you have just started with weights or working out in general, or plan to start, expect to be sore. It is always worse in the beginning and some movements may even be difficult to do! Like going to the bathroom, but just know that it doesn’t stay like this so don’t get discouraged. In fact after you’ve been doing it for months you will see you will have to change up your workout in order for your body to get sore because it has already become adjusted to the working out you’ve been doing already.

Unrealistic expectations

Results do NOT happen overnight. Remember that just like seeing children grow, it takes TIME. Every day you do something in the direction of a healthier lifestyle is better than not and you are farther than you were the day before. The key here is baby steps. Every little workout counts and remember that!

If there’s something you want to know more about regarding the working out aspect of things let me know and I’ll write about it.
I’m not going into extreme detail here on workouts that you “should” do in order to lose weight because I don’t believe in people following a cookie cutter workout, also I don’t know how many people workout at the gym or at home, etc etc but if you want sample workouts I can post some here on my blog. 🙂

Happy Training!

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First off, I apologize for only posting once last week. My work schedule was RIDICULOUS, I was so busy and then came home, made food, cleaned up, barely had time to relax and it was off to bed again  (trying to get to bed earlier these days). So I am sincerely sorry! My schedule has opened up a bit so I try to be more on track!

My coworker (bless her heart!) sent me this very interesting inspirational article about this mother who was scared she would never lose her baby fat once becoming pregnant and would also never get rid of her stretch marks. I highly suggest reading the article: Inspirational Interview

The gist of the story is, is that this woman Amanda, before becoming pregnant competed in figure competitions, so she challenged herself once pregnant to maintain some fitness and also watch her eating. What I found interesting was a: she used almond oil on her skin religiously to prevent stretch marks, I might get me some of that this week! Also b: she maintained a workout regime of at least 5 times a week, 3 including weights. *Smack!* to myself because that was my goal, to NOT lose the weights and it’s the one thing that I’ve been fighting with since I’ve been pregnant.

I’ve said it to other people, that the thing I despise most about “advertising” in the fitness industry is yourself, posting your workouts, and kinda puffing up your ergo. It turns most people away and you get funny looks, unless you’re doing it humbly really. But I realized the other day I have to make myself accountable for my workouts, and so I am going to do that through my blog. I am going to post my workouts, as well as what I eat. One thing I’ve wanted to do for a while is keep a food journal, again, a lack of motivation had prevented me from doing so, but in order to really maintain and appropriate my weight for the next 2 trimesters, I think this is the key. Knowing what I eat, and making sure I am not consuming more than an extra 500 calories a day in a good caloric form.

Keeping a food journal is an experience that everyone should try out if you haven’t done so before. It brings to light how much more/not enough that you are eating and what types of foods you are eating etc. It’s a great tool really! It’ll be neat to compare my eating habits during pregnancy compared to those afterwards.

I am finding that into this pregnancy the more crucial is it for me to exercise, if i don’t exercise I don’t sleep, it’s much more relevant than it has ever been for me. Finding that right zone and maintaining my form and my knowledge in the weight room is crucial for me. If you don’t use it, you lose it! Pregnancy is definitely no excuse to stay away from the weights.

Stay tuned, if anyone has any requests for topics for me to write about, please let me know! I occasionally get writers block, more often than not. =)

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