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Men’s only gyms? huh?

I was asked my opinion yesterday on men’s only gyms, and that why not have them because some men find women distracting when they work out.

I asked my two male coworkers today if they would attend a male only gym. The 1st one said “no! I want to look at women” the other said “Well it depends, depends on whether they have good equipment and are well priced and a convenient location.”

I think it’s a rather curious idea. I would have never thought of it personally, mainly because when guys workout, they don’t work out to get distracted, nor do they go to check women out unless they are really lame and can only find a hook up through going to the gym. Most often times women who attend gyms are not exactly dressed to be “checked out” unless of course you live in Toronto where every female who goes to the gym dresses like her boobs and ass are on runway.

I think if I asked more males about this concept they would most likely be confused and most likely answer no, mainly because a) they don’t really think about it and b) it’s nice having a mix of the sexes in a gym. I like it, I would NEVER go to an all female gym, nooo way, uncomfortable and the machine selection is pretty much zero, no heavy weights, etc etc.

I just googled this and found this amusing thread: showthread.php?t=122708011&page=1

If a guy is constantly finding himself distracted by women in the gym, uh, you might need to re-find your motivation. Most guys who work out it’s hard to get them distracted because they are focused on their workout and enjoying their swell.

I think women’s gyms are a joke, personally…. but it works for some people and I do respect that. However, if you’re really motivated to workout and you’re honestly there because you want to be healthy, and are not worried about your looks it isn’t going to matter. BUT, some women’s only gyms have daycare setups which (being a mother soon) is a SWEET set up! They had this at the YMCA in Toronto and it was the bomb!!!! However, that’s a post for another day.

I find that working with men is inspiring, and it also keeps me liable, I can’t lift 10 lb weights forever and I shouldn’t. Guys are impressed when a girl can lift heavy weights, so when I get to that day, it’ll make me feel better. Sometimes it goes in the other direction where I don’t want to go to the weight area because I’ve been injured and I can’t lift as much etc etc.

Now, in the military however, no one cares. If girls wanna work out or lift weights, uh you have no choice, there is no room to be self conscious and it honestly shouldn’t matter. The goal is the same between the sexes, and the results are the same too, if the focus and motivation are there it shouldn’t make a difference. Some people are shy, and some people like to work out on their own, there’s plenty of room to do that in a military facility which is not so easy to do at say a goodlife (which is unfortunate).

Sometimes it’s about being educated, people don’t want to work out in the testosterone zone because it seems they lift heavy and they “know” what they are doing, I say that in quotation marks because there are a tons of beefed up guys who don’t know squat (and don’t literally squat, chicken leg syndrome!). There are tons of people out there to educate and make others feel welcome in a gym, that’s part of my job description and it only makes me happy to be able to make someone else feel like they can get a good workout in the weights area because now they know what to do.

Conclusion, I think male only gyms are unnecessary.  What happens when you get to the elite athlete level, there are elite female athletes too, whatcha gonna do, get distracted? You can’t afford to at that level.

Also, women don’t need to wear skin tight clothing to the gym, yes I oftentimes wear cute lululemon tops that probably make me come across like some bitch who doesn’t know a thing about working out and only wears it to look pretty. Well, I like being able to see my arms workout, I like seeing my progress, which is why I wear tank tops like that, it’s functional and it makes me feel good, so… yeah… that’s my reason for not wearing super xxx large t-shirts when I work out. Tighter pants and shorts are functional, especially when it comes to doing agility work,  it’s not about me trying to get someone’s attention, it helps me keep focused on MY goal.

So if I look like a ditz working out, too bad, cause I’m focused on something else called GOALS.

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