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Can’t motivate yourself? Proceed to fitness classes!

Fitness classes, oh the world! They are what first got me into losing weight and into the fitness world so I must pay tribute to them and expand on their greatness.


Surprisingly not many people know about exercises classes and how AWESOME they are! If you have trouble motivating yourself, you find it difficult to get out and exercise. Yet you are very social, love being around people, your energy is increased when you go visit your friends or you do something with them: then fitness classes are for you!

It’s like working with a team really, from an instructor’s point of view, when you have the right group of people, a class is SO invigorating, it will inspire you, teach you, motivate you, build new friendships and teach you a new outlook on life. I have been going to fitness classes since I was 16, it’s how I lost weight, it was through doing classes that I found out I had excellent coordination, with my music background, performing to the beat was so easy. It was almost like dancing but more fitness like dancing!

Most people get discouraged by classes because of the various footwork and sometimes instructors won’t go over that footwork with you if you are  a beginner, instead you will get lost and get frustrated. Now I’m talking about a traditional hi/low aerobics class or a step class, these involve patterns and footwork, but a swiss ball class, or a body pump class (goodlife) won’t involve any footwork and they will be simple exercises that you could easily follow. My suggestion to you is if you like the cardio classes (which will involve footwork) don’t be discouraged! I teach step classes, and to me it’s like moving dance moves, once you get the hang of it, it is SO much fun! It makes you want to learn more moves, to incorporate them into your classes however not all of my attendees agree. They find the footwork prohibits them from getting an actual good workout. This is true in the beginning, so I had to change my classes which is fine. Learning moves help that side of your brain that doesn’t get worked very often, it’s like learning the piano, it also helps proprioception. You have to tell your legs and arms what to do.


 With the music, your adrenaline gets going and it’s like having a party with people you don’t know! If you go to the same class every week, you notice the same people and start to build great relationships, soon you’ll find yourself working out with those people outside of the fitness class time!

I got complimented on my first Aerobics instructors exam when I was in school that my music made the people outside of the classroom want to come in and join me! I love music, and I love working out to music, it is such a motivator. Different instructors have different music taste, you’ll find the ones you love and probably some that you don’t love so much.

The only downside to always going to fitness classes is that once the instructor moves away or the time gets changed or a class gets canceled, you don’t know how to deal with it and oftentimes you can lose your motivation or stop exercising altogether. Don’t get over the top attached to your classes, mix it up, be prepared to workout on your own just in case a class is canceled. Fitness classes are a stepping stone to forming your own workouts and your motivation. You can take exercises from classes and build them into your own routine.

Go look up fitness classes at a gym. Take a leap and have some fun! They have really fun classes like zumba (latin american dancing), core classes, swiss ball classes, step classes, circuit classes.

Go work it Jane Fonda Style! (Maybe without the awful clothes)

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